The Friends of George Dore promise great things from the Tory’s best kept secret

My post yesterday ‘Matt Lucas to stand in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean’ about Georgina ‘George’ Dore’s candidature has attracted a fierce response from George’s supporters.

Mike Macfarlane perhaps is not the most objective correspondent, he is, after all “the guy lucky enough to keep his toothbrush next to George’s.” I think that this implies that he and George are stepping out together. He says that “this cheap pun isn’t funny. Why would any normal person want to satirize such a beautiful and talented young lady in this way?”. In my defence I have never claimed to be a “normal person”.

Mike clearly loves George, which is very touching: “The premise of some of the comments here seems to be that you can’t possibly be clever and have a normal background. I assure readers that George is one of the smartest, articulate and most lovely people you will ever meet with an obvious weight of intellect that soon explains her Oxford education.”

Linda F says: “I admire Georgina (absolutely no resemblance to Matt Lucas- why did you think there was a similarity?) for having gone to Oxford from a local Comprehensive. She must have exceptional ability to have gained a place and I’m sure it was a hard process…good for her.” Linda suggests I have a chip on my shoulder. “I realise you are a ‘left of centre’ blog, but the ‘chippiness’ of the Left against aspiration really does let you down.”

George, herself, has commented: “I went to a school called King Alfred’s Sports and Community College in Wantage and my father was a Chippie building bridges and lock gates on the Thames for over forty years before his retirement. … I can’t help but feel that by perpetuating the myth that attending Oxford is synonymous with being privately educated and /or privileged compounds the access issues that face pupils from state school backgrounds.”

The Tory Tipster (I know who you are but will respect your anonymity) writes of George: “This bright young lady is the Conservatives best kept secret both locally and nationally. Expect great things from her!”.

‘Clive’ thinks I have done something worthwhile: “The blogger has shone a light where you would rather it had not been shone, that’s all.”

I have apologised if I have caused any offence to George. None was intended. This blog (apart from being left of centre) is usually light-hearted in tone. My army of regular readers (Dan Wilson, Christopher Hawtree, Paul Perrin and Momma Grizzly) will know that I have tipped the Tories in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean to do well in May. However, when standing for election you do open yourself up to some scrutiny. And if one hopes to represent M&B one must expect some comment regarding Oxford and Brighton College. I am yet to meet George, but look forward to doing so.

Finally, NG praises my blog: “Your comments about George Dore are really quite childish aren’t they? Please try a bit harder to get out of the playground.” Ouch. Childish, perhaps, but I hope that at least George will acknowledge that this blog has boosted her profile and name recognition. A couple of days ago most activists would have struggled to name her as the third Tory candidate in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean. Now for the 1,000 or so daily readers of this blog (Dan Wilson, Christopher Hawtree, Paul Perrin and Momma Grizzly probably make around 250 unique visits each!) she is no longer the Tory’s best kept secret. We know know who she is, will remember her name, and above all we know she is the girl lucky enough to keep her toothbrush next to Mike Macfarlane’s.

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  1. I believe Mike MacFarlane was named in the recent Tory ‘In Touch’ mag as one of the candidates for Queens Park. However, he seems to be absent from the Kemptown Conservatives website ( Could Mike confirm whether he is or isn’t a Tory candidate in Queens Park?

  2. Are flossing and dental sticks going to become an issue in this Election?

    As it is, current discussion, started by a Tory paramour on this thread, appears to have fulfilled Martin Amis’s stated desire to take the modern novel “out of the bedroom and into the bathroom”

    And, indeed, my canvassing experience has certainly found some voter preoccupation with washing. The other evening, a woman said through an entryphone that she had just got out of the shower but proceeded to talk for some while, and then, nearby, another came out to the street in a dressing gown to talk as she has not been able to get to the buzzer in time but had seen the Green rosette from her window.

    David Smith must be foaming at the mouth as he plies a brush between his lips.

  3. Hey, I follow you too!

  4. Presumably George Dores MA from Oxon is one of those which Oxbridge graduates get simply by having remained alive for a few years after getting a BA from real study? No additional study is required to et it. So in reality is she a humble Batchelors graduate like me?

    Giving Masters degrees automatically is an anachronism that I am pleased to see is being addressed in this bill tabled by Labour MP Chris Leslie. If all graduates of Oxbridge are able to claim Masters degrees without having to even turn a page in study, it gives them an unfair advantage in job market, perpetuiting the divisive influence that these establishments (and their feeder private schools) have on the UK as a whole. I’d be interested to know if George Dores supports this Bill. Purely an academic interest, of course…

  5. well said sven – brighton needs more like you

  6. Some of us even read on RSS…

  7. Sven – to be fair you do have to say MA (Oxon). Which is Latin for MA (Not Really).

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