New Tory website claims that all its candidates are gay (not really)

The Brighton and Hove Conservatives have launched their new website, full of details about their candidates. The site is simple to navigate but a bit clunky when trying to see the different candidates in each ward. You can’t see all in one go and it takes two clicks to navigate from, for example, one Estate Agent in Goldsmid ward to another. But that said, it is a helpful site for those wanting to know who is standing where (and for a blogger wishing to have some sport).

The Tories have a number of bright young things standing in highly winnable seats, not least Michael Ireland who works for Mike Weatherley, MP for Hove, as his parliamentary researcher. Keep an eye on Michael, he is destined to go far. In my dealings with him I have found him to be incredibly personable and very bright. He has a big future ahead of him. His one misjudgement is to be a Conservative! Michael is standing in Hangleton and Knoll, hoping to succeed the late David Smart who passed away just before Christmas.

Standing with him in H&K is Dawn Barnett, certain to be re-elected, and Tony Janio, Hove’s own Bruce Willis. Bruce writes “My main fear is that a return of another Labour/Green Administration will bring an end to the improvements we have seen.” His ‘main fear’? Surely a more worrying fear is a nuclear accident along the Channel, a global financial meltdown, or Eric Pickles becoming prime minister. And for the record, “another Labour/Green Administration …”? I have looked back but don’t think we have ever had one ….. yet.

No details are given for the candidates in Hanover and Elm Grove. A sign that the Tories can field paper candidates throughout the city but are unable to put up a fight everywhere?

In Hollingdean and Stanmer we have Momma Grizzly herself, Rachael Bates, another of Mike Weatherley’s bright young things. She provides more information than just about any candidate, including “I enjoy going to rock and metal nights. I frequently go to the Pav Tav (usually for Guerilla Rocks) and to Belushi’s Below for Abandoned.” I have commented before that this is alien territory for this confused blogger, but I am waiting for Grizzly to offer to take me out her town to sample Guerilla Rocks which I assume is some sort of rhythm and beat combo.

Fellow candidate Rob Labs is “a preacher and co-founder of a faith group, the light house parish of the redeemed Christian Church of God, based in Brighton. I am passionate about strong family values.” I guess we won’t be seeing Rob at Pride, with or without a ticket, this year.

More tomorrow

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  1. Saves them coming out in dribs and drabs – mostly drabs. As far as “Tony Janio, Hove’s own Bruce Willis. Bruce writes “My main fear is that a return of another Labour/Green Administration will bring an end to the improvements we have seen.”” is concerned. What improvements?? Does he mean the £5.9m cut to adult social care. Bruce Willis might be very upset about this comparison.

  2. They seem to have forgotten to put candidates up in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean

    • You are so right. Does the split in the Tories run so deep that those behind the website can’t acknowledge the candidature of Ayas Fallon-Khan?

      • Just a quick note on Moulsecoomb & Bevendean: it’s covered by the Kemp Town Conservatives rather than the Federation of Brighton Pavilion and Hove & Portslade Conservatives, hence the absence on this site.

        Baps, do feel free to come out with me at any time! I bet you’re pretty good at head-banging along to the likes of Megadeth and Slayer!

      • As it happens, Grizzly, I have just had Megadeath on the gramophone while drinking my warm milk before going up the stairs to Bedfordshire

      • If you would like some bedtime reading BPB, our Green manifesto for how we would like to see the city run for the next four years has been published today – ‘A Fresh Start for a Fair City’

        I think the serious range and depth of ideas shown here is inspiring and perhaps marks the difference between the Greens and Labour at the moment.

        Labour having lost their direction of late are running a rather lightweight campaign if you ask me.

      • Very tempting though it is to read the Green manifesto in bed, I am drifting in and out of sleep to the melodic tones of Megadeath and Slayer.

  3. I see Mr Weatherley is of the opinion that squatters should be high up the agenda. Sooo below is a link for the interview I conducted with those at the Taj for Brighton & Hove Community Radio. Unwashed layabouts?…….. not…………..

  4. You can’t beat any of Haydn’s piano trios as a respite from the political foray. Especially in the Hawkes House scratched turntable version.

    Meanwhile, I gather that the Council has something caled “purdah” whch restricts public comment, and so presumably sitting Councillors cannot avail themselves henceforth of such quarters as this comment slot?

    • I’m pretty sure “purdah” only limits the use of council media by politicians. So unless you’re worried that Brighton Politics Blog is secretly run by the council the good news is it’s only going to get livelier here!

  5. I see that the Tories don’t appear to contesting Queen’s Park either…surely not? Or are those candidates covered by Kemp Town Conservatives too?

  6. It would seem that the divisions between Pavilion/Hove Tories and Kemptown Tories run so deep that they can’t even share a website…

    And isn’t it a bit odd that Steve Harmer-Strange is being joined in South Portslade by the similarly named Steven Harbour-Wade. Not a case of using the facility to call yourself what you like on the ballot paper just to ensure you are next to colleagues/higher up the order, surely?

  7. Could at least link the Kemptown Conservatives Grizzly 🙂

    Hove & Pavilion candidates get a very short sentence/link to their webpage… friendly

    The most common phrase; “for many years”

    Mary Mears – “Mary has been a local councillor for many years”

    David Smith – “David has served the community for many years”

    Lynda Hyde – “Lynda Hyde has served for many years”

    Dee Simson – “Dee has served the residents of Woodingdean for many years”

    Someone surely needs to donate a thesaurus to the Kemptown Conservatives

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