The mysteries of the campaign to save the Number 2 bus, Labour’s “great guy” candidate in St Peters, and the UKIP announcement

“Switch to Fitch” has been ringing out in Rottingdean and Hangleton as the Fantastic Fitches aim to change the face of Brighton politics.  Young Harris has wasted no time in describing his priorities for Rottingdean Coastal although he has been reticent regarding his vote winning campaign to save the Number 2 bus. He writes: “You will have to stay tuned on the bus situation!  I can tell you that our campaign will be very community based, hoping to draw on where the Labour party has helped out before, and intend to help out in the future.  A personal point of mine would be to support the veterans of St Dunstan’s, having been in the Army myself.”

A greater mystery than Harris Fitch’s secret campaign to save the Number 2 is the situation in St Peters and North Laine.  I have asked several prominent Labour activists (including councillors) about the party’s SP&NL candidate Adrian Morris “a great guy and a real supporter of your community” as it says on the Labour website.  I have previously mentioned that ‘sources’ close to Adrian are whispering some interesting things about his candidature.  In fact it is not whispering.  Can someone in Labour come clean and confirm whether he has, in fact resigned just 50 days before the election.  He may be a great guy and a real supporter of your community, but is he a great guy in the eyes of his Labour colleagues and is he a real supporter of your Labour Party? Please will someone come clean.  If my ‘sources’ are wrong, I will gladly retract.

On the question of personal votes and the suggestion that a personal vote never exceeds 300 or so, ‘Clive’ writes: “300 votes out of 900-odd is the kind of personal vote that many councillors would give their eye teeth for, surely?  Picking up on Charlie’s point – it is noticeable that all the women councillors you mention with good personal votes have surnames that come from the early(ish) part of the alphabet. I think it is fairly well accepted that candidates do better the higher up the ballot paper they are.  So the key to the election is nothing to do with Billy Wilder, and everything to do with having a name like Amelia Aardvark.”

And finally, for this evening, tomorrow a big announcement is due from UKIP. On Twitter I asked what this news might be.  One or two people have been very unkind.  Someone said that Carol Vordeman had been chosen as their new leader. Not likely, you don’t need someone who is so good with numbers to count the UKIP vote.  Another suggestion was that they were forming a coalition with the BNP.  Even I don’t find that amusing. Calling for a Yes vote for further European integration? I like that one. “They are going to hell???!!!”  Maybe, but not because of their politics.

Watch out for the announcement due tomorrow.  My ‘source’ within UKIP has provided me with details of the announcement.  All I will say is “Watch out, Harris Fitch.  You may just be outflanked on the campaign to save the No 2.”

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  1. As I understand it Adrian is standing aside for personal reasons. A real shame, I like him a lot and he has been leading an energetic campaign. I have no doubt that someone like Adrian will be back, with even greater gusto, in future. He is irrepressible and a true community campaigner.

  2. The Lido mob, UKIP or Mr Pickwick might not be the only surprises in Rottingdean, something far bigger is being rumoured to unseat Ms Mears. Check your sources.

  3. The number 2 bus is a bit of a misnomer.

    Anybody who gets on it in, shall we say, Hove with the intention of getting to Rottingdean finds that this wends it way around a route akin to the Magical Mystery Tour, with, some might say, passengers quite as unusual as any aboard that Beatles coach. And that is before it has even reached Woodingdean, home to duels enthusiasts. Where the bus takes further twists and turns before heading towards the sea, And by the time that it does reach Rottingdean the sun that was rising over Saltdean is setting over Portslade.

    No, with another Fitch breaking out of an egg, in Rottingdean Coastal, brings more subtle transport issues than simplistic notions of saving the Trans Siberian Number or even installing sleeping quarters on the top deck.

    I think we could see buses providing a further element in this Election.

  4. Is this the “English Independence Party” rumour?

  5. I think Mr Pickwick will be using the number 2 bus to travel to Central Hove shortly…..

  6. My understanding is that UKIP are about to become known as the English Independence Party.

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