The highlight of the election to date: the emergence of another Fitch saving the No 2 bus to Rottingdean

Warren Morgan has brought news that will cause celebrations in every street in the City of Brighton and Hove: another Fitch is to make his political debut in this May’s local elections. Harris Fitch, a relation of the Legend that is Brian, is standing as the Labour candidate in the Socialist Republic of Rottingdean Coastal. I am absolutely thrilled since it gives me more opportunity to recall the heroic and largely successful election campaigns of the said Brian. The Political Life of Brian is the stuff of legend. He may not be the Messiah, but he has been known, on occasions, to be a very naughty boy. I think I may have met Harris Fitch and, if my memory serves me correctly, was impressed by his enthusiasm and red-blooded socialism. I await sight of his election address which will no doubt feature large his intention to save the Number 2 bus to Rottingdean which, I am reliably informed, is in imminent threat of being cut.

Labour’s full list of candidates in Rottingdean Coastal is: Harris Fitch, Tony Frisby and Mike Adams (not the Mickey Adams, surely?). Frisby? Next we will have a couple of candidates called Kitcat! Warren also advises that Labour’s candidates in Woodingdean are Julian Hayes and Sue Burns. He says that Labour will update the website with their details soon.

Warren also says that if you want to know more about Labour’s candidates in St Peters and North Laine you should look at their Facebook page. Problem is, Warren, you have to sign up to Facebook to view the page, and Facebook is so …. yesterday! Does Labour have a cunning plan in St Peters and North Laine? Are they creating a sense of intrigue, believing less is more by limiting information about its candidates, creating a sense of mystery? Or is there a problem with one or more of its candidates ….? Surely not. As the website says: “Adrian Morris is a great guy and a real supporter of your community.” Sources close to Adrian are whispering (perhaps whispering is not the right term) some interesting things….

Warren also reports that Bernie Katz is unwell, possibly in hospital. For all who know Bernie, we wish him the very best for a full and speedy recovery.

Finally, Warren makes a fair point regarding the Tories and the Greens: “Can you point me to the comprehensive online lists of the Green and Tory candidates? The Tory website was taken offline after it was pointed ou that most of it was in Latin, and Google can’t find their site. A list of candidates is not readily apparent on the local Green website.” Come on Greens, publish a list of all your candidates.

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  1. Facebook may be “yesterday”, but if you are still using it you can join Harris and the others aiming for glory in Rottingdean on their Facbook page here:!/pages/Labour-for-Rottingdean-Coastal-2011/160081964045190

    • Thanks, Warren. Any news about Harris Fitch’s campaign to save the Number 2 bus? And any news of the St Peter’s and North Laine situation ….?

  2. Thank you for such flattering comments about me and my great uncle!
    Me and my team plan to inject a youthful presence into the Rottingdean Coastal ward, leaving no street untouched. We have the manpower we have the resources and we sure have the energy!

    You would be very correct in stating my passion and enthusiasm for core labour values!

    Feel free to contact me whenever you like, always happy to write an article, give an interview or just converse!

    • Any news on your heroic campaign to save the Number 2?

      • You will have to stay tuned on the bus situation!

        I can tell you that our campaign will be very community based, hoping to draw on where the Labour party has helped out before, and intend to help out in the future.

        A personal point of mine would be to support the veterans of St Dunstan’s, having been in the Army myself.

        Also as many people know the Lido has been under threat, we plan to fight against the removal of the Lido and we want to see something that can really benefit the local community.

        Many more campaign ideas out there, but you will have to wait for our literature to see the rest!

  3. You know it Bappy:

    This is Fitch power! Switch to Fitch!

  4. The energy and enthusiasm I see here contrasts with a conversation I overheard last week, where a Green supporter was bemoaning the collapse of the Green’s delivery network in what is assumed to be a safe Green seat.

    Sometimes elections are all about momentum – the Greens certainly had it last May, but it seems to be more with Labour at the moment.

  5. I would refute Warren’s point. The truth of the matter is the Greens can still deliver 70,000+ GreenLeafs across the city in the space of three weeks in a non-General Election. For Labour, this would take three months.

    There is no evidence on the doorstep of any enthusiasm for Labour. The only place I can see Labour get their act together is via this blog.

    In fact, rumours have it that the Preston Park Labour councillors are again running on an anti-Labour ticket (at the same time as calling for Preston Park to be ‘reclaimed for families’).

    • I live in PP and have had some literature through from Labour, but nothing to suggest what Luke is indicating. Have you seen something different?

    • Luke, you are going to have to back that one up with something a bit more tangible – one of the PP councillors is Chair of the Labour Group, and there is no Labour council or government to distance themselves from. Not trying to distract from divisions within the Greens I hope…

      • Warren, you asked Preston ward councillors’ positions.

        As far as Pride goes, this might back it up:

        Labour Party councillor Kevin Allen wrote to the Friends of Preston Park in 2010:

        “My own view is that Pride has now outgrown Preston Park, even when the event is better managed than it was this year.

        “At the very least they need to charge for entrance, thus limiting numbers. ……. But I want to press for a change of venue, certainly for a rotation of venues. Why Preston Park every year? What about Stanmer Park or East Brighton Park?

        “If Pride were held in Stanmer Park the parade would be within the park.”

        Between the polite lines it really seems to mean:

        “All those gays using the park once a year crowding out nice families for one day a year. What a nightmare.”

        Brighton’s major park belongs to everyone and should be a safe fun space for LGBT people at least once a year – is it too much to ask?

        Sadly, some anti-social behaviour will happen but don’t lose a sense of proportion, Kevin!!


      • Paul – this is a very harsh interpretation of what Kevin Allen is saying, although I would agree that those with anti-pride sentiment may chose see it like that. I don’t think anyone could argue that a number of problems have been caused by the great successof Pride, that there should be a charge, and that rotating the site would ease some of the problems. I wouldn’t agree that Stanmer Park is an alternative, as you would lose the parade through the City which is a very affirming part of the day.

    • Luke, I wouldn’t be so sure that it would take Labour that long. With a weeks notice my ward has drummed up over 20 deliverers to target most of the ward.

      I think the Greens and the Tories have a bit more of a fight on there hands than you say!

  6. It would be brilliant if Labour could take Rottingdean Coastal! Unseating the leader of the Tories. Good Luck to them.

    Greens are doing great, I don’t know about the specifics of Preston Park but I think there will be an announcement about all the candidates on Friday to accelerate us into the final stages of the campaigns.

  7. Great to see that Harris is already actively ‘shaking’ the trees in Rottingdean Coastal – As for me, I hope to bring to the Labour campaign in Coastal some of the expertise I acquired during years of running a business in London. I also bring to the election a clear memory of previous Tory Government’s Slash and Burn economic measures which created a vast raft of enemployed people for purely ideological reasons. I emphatically reject the notion that Brighton’s economic growth or its well-being can can be achieved by slavishly following these failed past experiments. As a Labour Councillor in Brighton I would vehemently argue for measures to grow our local economy rather than risk a double-dip recession by taking people out of economic production through an aggressive policy of cuts.

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