Brighton and Hove Labour’ website – no poll dancing clubs (thank goodness) but still frightening the children

A few weeks ago I blogged about the Labour Party’s new website. General I thought it was an impressive site even though it was clearly still under construction. I looked a it again this evening and can see a number of improvements since I last looked. But I offer the following observations.

I was pleased to see that Caroline Penn (with Celia Barlow) the Labour candidate in Central Hove, no longer appears to be posing in a poll dancing club. On the matter of photos, several candidates don’t have photographs. Do they think they might frighten the electorate? Actually, some of the photos that are there may well frighten the voters, children and family pets.

Back to Caroline, she has a decent write up of what she believes in and comments on what’s happening on the Council.

That’s a bit better than the write up of the three candidates in St Peter’s and North Laine. This is a seat where Labour is hoping to do a ‘Green’ by persuading the good voters of the ward to give them one vote with the other two votes going to the Greens. That way they might pinch a seat here or there.

I understand that Adrian Morris is the ‘lead candidate in St Peters and North Laine. Yet all it says about him is that “Adrian Morris is a great guy and a real supporter of your community.” It is hardly going to say “Adrian Morris is a miserable git and couldn’t care a stuff about your community.” Hardly a ringing endorsement.

The other two candidates fare equally poorly: “Pete Gillman lives and loves the St. Peter’s & North Laine ward of Brighton & Hove” – that’s it – while candidate number three, James Hallwood “has a great affinity with the St. Peter’s & North Laine ward of Brighton & Hove.”

But the St Peters and North Laine coverage is better than the Hove Park ward where all we are told about Bernie Katz and John Cooper is that their names are Bernie Katz and John Cooper – hardly a winning formula to inspire the electorate.

But at least Labour has candidates in place in every ward, well not quite every ward – no candidates yet in Rottingdean Coastal or Woodingdean (a surprising situation in a ward which had a Labour councillor – Joan Moorhouse – as recently as the 1990’s). If Labour is to challenge again in Brighton Kemptown, it needs to get it’s act together.

And finally, I am pleased that Brian Fitch is still campaigning on buses. He has not been put off by the totally unfair aspersions regarding him having saved, singlehandedly, the number 81 bus and is due to save the number 5 to Hangleton in time for the eve of poll leaflet.

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  1. Labour’s candidates in Rottingdean Coastal are:
    Harris Fitch (yes, a relation), Tony Frisby and Mike Adams

    Labour’s candidates in Woodingdean are:
    Julian Hayes and Sue Burns

    We will update the website with their details soon.

    If you want to know more about our SPNL team then see their Facebook page:!/pages/Labour-For-Saint-Peters-and-North-Laine-2011/174110782613773

    Bernie Katz is, I understand, in hospital so has better things to worry about than his website profile.

    Can you point me to the comprehensive online lists of the Green and Tory candidates? The Tory website was taken offline after it was pointed ou that most of it was in Latin, and Google can’t find their site. A list of candidates is not readily apparent on the local Green website.

  2. Some of the photos are indeed quite scary. My favourite thing about the new Labour website is the way that you can create a Hammer Horror lightning flash effect if you mouse on and off the candidate photo really fast (you have to make the sound effect at the same time).

    Works particularly well on this one:

  3. I’d have to agree with Warren’s sense that you are rather singling out the Labour Party web-site for criticism compared to the Green Party or Tories. I notice that the Green Party site still tells us that ‘Caroline is the favourite to win Brighton Pavilion’. I’m sure I had heard that she had actually won.

  4. I can only imagine that a Poll Dance is a conga line led by the presiding officer.

  5. I am sure that on the fervent Rottingdean Coastal doorsteps Mr Frisby will once again be treated to all those jokes he heard in the playground

  6. Some Green candidates; We’re lucky enough to get them announced in stages… so keep checking 🙂

    priorities? H&EG, Preston, Goldsmid, Regency, H&S, B&A, Queens Park… Is this not where the Greens already hold their seats? Branch out abit if you want to win more… who can i not vote for in Woodingdean? 🙂

    Labours website has alot more info on than others… even if its only names… its a bigger start than Greens/Tories (LibDems?) have made online…

  7. Mr Morgan might like to look at our website… where he will find all the Conservative candidates for Brighton KempTown wards.

  8. And what exactly did Simon Kirby or any Tory have to do with the AIDS Memorial?

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