Doorstep Brighton 16: The Nasty Party is alive and well and living in East Brighton

I was, frankly, disappointed, no saddened by the uncharitable attitude of East Brighton Conservative Peter Booth in response to the launch of the new Brighton and Hove Labour Party website.  Showing that the Tories may still be the “nasty party” (copyright Theresa May) Peter writes of Warren Morgan: “Get over the fact that you have produced a website – wow! I cannot sit back and let you get away with accusing Conservatives of buying in the services of a professional web designer. Yes we purchased a template at a very low cost, but and have been written, photographed and produced by local Conservative activists”. 

As I said a couple of days ago, I welcome the launch of this website and, even though I made some affectionate fun about one candidate being photographed in what looks like a poll-dancing club, I think it looks good. But Peter, those who throw glasses shouldn’t live in stoned houses, or something like that. Time to see if you can take it as well as give it.

Peter draws attention to the, how should I word this, unique website of East Brighton Conservatives.  Have a look at the photographs on this site.  There is a picture of three unsmiling men in front of a parking sign at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.  Caption: “the Action Team looks into hospital parking”.  Actually they are looking away from the car park. (Come now, Greens, no ‘turning a blind eye to parking’  jibes, if you don’t mind). Then there is a picture of your three unsmiling heroes standing with a single clip-board in front of the Hospital: “Traffic and parking are Resident (sic) concerns as Hospital redevelopment looms”.  A lone resident (hence the single clip-board) with a concern.  Nice going, boys. And then, the Three Musketeers in a field “Looking at East Brighton Park and concerns over illegal Traveller sites”.  Then three further pictures of Peter: “Peter meets Nick Herbert – Police Minister”, “Peter meets local PCSO”, and “Peter and Chris meet local residents”.  Inspiring stuff, Peter. 

Peter says: “I am seeking election as your Councillor to work for ALL the residents of East Brighton”.   Fellow candidate Kelvin Poplett says that he is “seeking election as your councillor for East Brighton to work for the whole community”.  But on the Home page they contradict themselves, campaigning against “illegal traveller encampments”. But Peter and Kelvin , while they are there, they are East Brighton residents.   This must all be of concern to Chris Sandwell who has been awarded an MBE for his work in social care and who says he is a regular worshipper at St Georges, Kemptown.  How do you feel about this anti-traveller obsession, Chris.  Surely it goes against your Christian faith.  After all, wasn’t there once a traveller family who ended up living in a barn before seeking asylum in Egypt to escape the murderous acts of a tyrant.  I wonder if they would be called travellers if they ended up in East Brighton.

4 Responses

  1. Also, East Brighton Conservatives should know that there is no need for an apostrophe in Photos. First impressions count 😉

  2. Delighted to comment and not to shy away from criticism!
    1. You have commented many times in your blog about the decline of Brighton Labour – not having an updated website between the GE and now rather suggests that you are correct.
    2. My main comment was concerning Mr Morgan’s assertion that we have loads of money to throw at a website. We do not!
    3. It may surprise you to learn that many of the ‘settled’ residents of East Brighton have expressed their concerns about Traveller Encampments!
    4. Sorry for your personal attacks – and cannot do much about the smiles – maybe we are just miserable about the state the Country was left in by
    5. And as for being nasty….pot and kettle come to mind!

  3. Re your reply no. 3: it started with this kind of rabble rousing in Nazi Germany. Shame on you, Tory illiterates.

    Agree with you on the need for more education, starting with yourselves.

    • It’s this sort of use of Holocaust language and analogy in electioneering that sickens me.

      My parents were Holocaust survivors and certainly did not live as the ‘travellers’ do, either in Germany or when they came here as asylum seekers. They ended up in tolerant Tory controlled Brighton after the war. They worked hard to run their own business, did not live off benefits but would have baulked at seeing the non tax paying ‘travellers’ (not Romanys) getting the vote.

      I have mostly found people from the Labour and Green parties (especially here in Brighton) to be the most intolerant, offensive, patronising and dogmatic.

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