Lord Blogger of Brighton – Support the Campaign for Elevation

There appears to be the prospect of the Greens being offered a place in the House of Lords. For many Greens it will prove to be a step too far. It is great that the Green Party has Caroline Lucas in the Commons, but does the Party really want to become so ‘establishment’ by accepting a seat in an unelected chamber?

Out of a sense of charity and concern for the well being of many Greens, I wish to offer the purists a way out of this ethical dilemma. I am willing to sell out what few principles I still retain and take, on behalf of the Greens, a seat in the House of Lords.

I have already put my name forward to Luke Walters and I am confident he will fight my corner. We have even discussed how I will be ‘fashioned’. I favour Lord Blogger of Brighton, while Luke suggests Lord Baps of Brighton Blog-o-sphere. I think that Lord Baps is a bit too down-market. I feel I sho-uld have, no, deserve, something more classy once I become superior to you plebs.

The other interesting point, who else should join me in the Lords? Should it be Lady Grizzly of Hollingdean? Lord Hawtree of Rottingdean Coastal and Every Port Beyond? Baron Buckwell of the Agent Estate? I personally think it should be Lady Kennedy of Tabbard Stassi. She could bake cup cakes for us to share on the Terrace.

Send in your suggestions for who should become one of the deserving rich, and your views on my soon-to-be Title.

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  1. The Green Party did have a member in the House of Lords previously. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Beaumont,_Baron_Beaumont_of_Whitley

  2. I was aghast at the way in which Rupert Read presented himself in the Lords mainfesto. All the other candidates settled for a mugshot and three-hundred words while he went for an “evocative” full-page photograph, all casually unbuttoned waistcoat, around which fewer words were printed. Very New Labour, a sort of cut-price Tristram Hunt

    That is not the reason I walk from door to door with a clipboard, thank you very much. I want to talk with people about issues, not present such spin.

    That preening picture has done the Greens special damage.

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  4. How widely regarded is a Lord?

    I loked through the index of the second volume of Alastair Campbell’s Diaries 1997-99, and there is no mention of Lord Bassam. We were led to be believe that he was somehow at the very centre of national decision-making. No place either for Messrs Caplin, Lepper and Turner.

    Of course the entries might all be such “hot stuff” that they cannot figure even in the “complete” version.

  5. I would like to suggest Lord Harding of Hove: http://neilharding.blogspot.com/

  6. This Green Party member will not be endorsing the unelected and unreformed second chamber by casting my preference votes for a single one of the candidates – especially not the one that has seen fit to pose languidly in his fashion accessory waistcoat (so last year!). He had me reaching for the recycled sick bag.

    Our GE manifesto was quite clear on the House of Lords: “Reform the House of Lords to become a fully elected body chosen by proportional representation. But to promote its independence, members should only be elected for one fixed term of ten years, with half the house being elected every five years.”

    Even allowing for the fact that the Green Party uses of the Single Transferable Vote in all internal elections, which includes the option of voting for a fellow called RON – not the Ron from the Crystal’s 1963 hit Da Doo Ron Ron, but Re Open Nominations – participating in this election will not bring closer our aim of a reformed House of Lords.

    If Cameron and Clegg were to offer the party a seat or two, the only honourable course of action is to publicly refuse the offer.

    I want nowt to do with this internal Green Party election to line up candidates to be appointed to sit in a chamber without a mandate from the electorate and whose members, once clad in their ermine robes and coronets, remain till they snuff it or get slung into clink for fiddling their expenses.

  7. Thanks for the feedback, Christopher.
    There’s another way to think about this. Do you want a Lord who can communicate effectively to the broader British public? Or do you want a Lord who will make sure that s/he never does anything that might possibly offend a Green Party purist?
    If the latter, then don’t vote for me.
    If the former, then consider the possibility that my layout in the candidates’ brochure may actually have some virtues that you didn’t appreciate.

    And please let’s not go around saying silly things like that my piece in the brochure has done the Greens ‘special damage’?! For goodness sake – the candidates’ brochure only goes to Party members!

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