Brighton Politics Blogger exposed in Explicit Sex Photo Shock Horror Scandal

Since the news is about to break, I have decided myself to come out and publish a photo which was just meant to be a little bit of fun. 

 I can’t tell you, however, how sexy it feels etc etc etc. 

Please do not judge me too harshly.  The truth is, I did it for you, Dear Readers.

7 Responses

  1. The resemblance to Roy Pennington is uncanny.

  2. For you to get caught in this kind of pose would mean you’re some kind of insane publicity seeker, as lets face it that’s the only way anyone could happen to find themselves in this pose in a major newspaper…

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by BrightonPoliticsBlog, BrightonPoliticsBlog. BrightonPoliticsBlog said: Brighton Politics Blogger exposed in Explicit Sex Photo Shock Horror Scandal […]

  4. Roy pennington, that explains a lot

  5. […] encounter.  Certainly not excited by their encounter with this blog are those who are Googling ‘sex photo’ or ‘explicit sex photo’ and are being directed to the rather revealing picture of me […]

  6. […] There has been a great deal of interest in the new Labour Party website. And even Green activists have applauded its launch. Luke Walter, for example, said:  ”A few kinks, but fair play. A big improvement to the last one.”  So, too, have a number of new readers (and now probably ex-readers) who were attracted to the last post having searched ‘lap-dancing club Brighton’.  Probably the same ex-readers who were no impressed with the picture of me dressed in nothing but a sheet! […]

  7. Saw this and a have to say it made me chuckle. Meanwhile : Jeff Keen, film maker. Do you know him? Benefits are being arranged for him. LOL (as they say)

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