Rachael Bates, a right wing admirer of Daniel Hannan and of a former Labour leader

I’m not into the cult of personality, but today I just couldn’t resist posting a profile of one of the most determined, right wing  and youngest amongst the local Conservative ranks.  It is none other than Momma Grizzly herself, Rachael Bates.  Why her and why today? It is Rachael’s 22nd birthday.

Rachael’s political hero is Daniel Hannan MEP. Immediately you will get an insight to her right-wing views.  She describes Daniel thus: “He has great vision, is spot on about almost everything, is a fantastic orator and is just a lovely guy”.

Rachael graduated last year from that hot bed of Conservative activism, Sussex University, and immediately started working for the newly elected Conservative MP for Hove, Mike Weatherley, one of several bright young activists who support him.

Away from politics, Rachael loves going to the Pav Tav (usually for Guerilla Rocks) and to Belushi’s Below for their fantastic rock and metal night, Abandoned. (I have no idea what I have typed and whether it makes any sense to anyone else.  It certainly is alien to me).

Rachael is a Big Society kind of girl: “Charity is extremely important to me. I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of Childreach International. The charity that I champion the most is Help for Heroes. I will never be seen without my Help for Heroes armband”. (Is a Help the Heroes armband essential dress for Belushi’s Below and Abandoned?).

This next view will not go down at all well with Labour activists at all. She says that the opposition politician she admires most “despite disagreeing with a lot of the decisions he made, it has to be Tony Blair.  His strength, determination and devotion to what he believed was right for the country are something I admire very much.”  Rachael, you must be one of the last two people in Britain who thinks what he did (Iraq, Afghanistan, George W Bush, etc) was right.  The other person is …. Tony Blair.

In May’s local elections Rachael is standing for election in Hollingdean and Stanmer. As a Conservative candidate she has absolutely no chance of winning (I know, that’s harsh, especially on her birthday, but it is the truth). But this does not stop Rachael Bates. She is clear about what her priorities would be if, IF, she was elected: “My main priority is to keep council tax low so that hard-working people can have more of their own money in their pockets. I am passionate about letting people run their own lives rather than the government dictating to them.”

She goes on: “Parking is an issue that I find is a massive problem that needs to be addressed, as is the issue of travellers.”  So not compassionate conservatism here.  A true follower of Daniel Hannan.  “I am keen to continue working closely with the two fantastic universities in Brighton and to encourage a good relationship with students and their neighbours.”

Her political ambition is to successfully represent the people of Hollingdean & Stanmer and to make Brighton & Hove’s council tax one of the lowest in the country.  How depressing.  Nothing about making Brighton and Hove a better, fairer place to live.  It is a good thing, then, that she won’t be elected.

But she has expressed one political ambition that I can’t fault her on, and that is to appear on the Brighton Politics Blog!  So, happy birthday, Rachael.  I am glad that I have been able to be part of fulfilling the only ambition that you will achieve this year.

10 Responses

  1. Well, speaking as a H&S voter myself, I say she can certainly have my vote…..

    She’ll just need to come and take it from my cold dead hand.

    Seriously though, is there anything worse than a young conservative? It borders on being creepy, like being a young born-again christian. I believe I’m right in thinking that all young male tories grow up to be Michael Gove – is that really the future they want for themselves????

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by House Of Twits, rachaelbatesuk. rachaelbatesuk said: "Rachael Bates, a right wing admirer of Daniel Hannan and of a former Labour leader" http://tinyurl.com/6zzvavm #tcot […]

  3. Rachael is some smart girl as regards Tony Blair, and no, she is not one of a kind.

    Tony Blair was, is the most inspirational leader this country has had for decades. A pity so many in the mainstrem press don’t like him – for one reason or another.

    The press are wrong. Blair was right, especially on foreign policy.

    I have an example of the madness of his enemies (and this time a “thinktank”) here at my latest blog – The Feral Press –


  4. Isn’t it possible to make “Brighton & Hove’s council tax one of the lowest in the country” at the same time as making it a “better, fairer place to live”?

    • No. You get what you pay for, in essence.

      Low council tax, generally speaking, equals squalid public places and shitty public services.
      There is only so much that you can do by cheese-paring and reducing back office functions.
      If you want decent public services, then they have to be paid for.

      This is not to say that the council tax is fair, because it isn’t.

  5. BPB

    Your rather childish attack on Rachael Bates doesn’t really enhance your reputation does it?

    H&S does have a problem with parking and travellers. Isn’t she right to highlight this?

    Come on BPB you can surely raise your game a bit.

  6. Ms Bates overdoes the adjectives. “Fantastic” etc etc.

  7. NG

    Why are travellers a ‘problem’, as you put it?

  8. A.

    Come to Hanover and see the beauty of ancient vans and lorries parking half on pavements, billowing goodness knows what into the air, “new age” travellers using the gutter for defecating, aggressive (and from my experience, homophobic) behaviour towards residents.

    Perahps you should volunteer to go to Wild Park, Stanmer Park, Sheepcote Valley (to name only a few) and tidy up the mess when the next illegal encapment moves on.


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