Robert Nemeth and the Sir Winston Churchill 50 Dining Club

There are a large number of young candidates standing in May’s local elections, Rachael Bates (Momma Grizzly to her admirers and keen Sarah Palin fan), Tom French (who impressed all in last year’s St Peter’s and North Laine by-election, and Robert Nemeth. 

Several of my “spies” (as Dan Wilson calls you) have been talking about Robert Nemeth.  Robert, for those who aren’t familiar with him, was the  unsuccessful Conservative candidate in the Regency by-election in 2007 and who had come 5th in Regency in May 2007.

Robert was described by the Argus last May as a “young hopeful” who had “come to the fore”.  Robert does put himself about and is predicted to have a bright future in politics.  But he is a central player in local Conservative Party affairs.  In 2009 he succeeded Daniel Hannan MEP as chairman of the Sir Winston Churchill 50 Dining Club which, according to Daniel Hannan, “raises oodles of money from all over Sussex for the three Brighton and Hove seats”.  (Labour and Green activists take note.  This is SERIOUS fundraising with a very right wing edge).

Robert, a property developer, writes a regular architecture column, Building Opinions, in Latest Homes magazine.  In this week’s column he writes about Hollingdean: “Hollingdean began as one of the laines (fields) of the parish of Preston and was developed from the 1890’s. It is well known for the council depot and the waste transfer station beside the railway bridge.  Most interesting of all was the municipal abattoir on the same site that operated from 1894 to 1986”.

One can only assume that Robert is not standing in Hollingdean and Stanmer if that is the best he can write about Hollingdean. He could have mentioned the vibrant community around Five Ways (part of which is in Hollingdean), the golf course (and the wonderful but hidden Old Golf House), and the wonderful mixed community and schools  from the Dip, up Stevens Road, to Lynchet Close and Brentwood Road.

Robert has an admirer in an unexpected corner – Christopher Hawtree.  Christopher writes: “The Tories should have opted for Robert Nemeth in Wish rather than continue with the nationally discredited Ted Kemble. The Jason Kitcat case resonates. Garry Peltzer Dunn and Robert Nemeth would have presented a far stronger Tory case in Wish”.

So there you have it.  The future of the Tories locally is invested in the person of Robert Nemeth, and the tens of thousands being raised through the  Sir Winston Churchill 50 Dining Club.


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  1. I am glad thay someone has finally taken a look at this mysterious Tory dining club, I’ve heard that it warrants further investigation.

  2. Very interesting of course to hear about the Dining Club, and I cannot think of anything worse than such a thing as thing. Veritable indigestion.

    Is the BPB trying to portray Robert Nemuth as a Conrad Veight figure, a spy on the train in Rome Express and all that? My instinct remains that Robert Nemuth is more maverick a figure than, say, Ted Kemble.

    I have no idea how he comes across on the doorsteps, but Ken Norman, perfectly amiably at the St. Andrew’s school fair, did say that he hoped I wouldn’t be standing in Withdean. I think he was serious. Anywhere but Withdean was the thrust of it… And that lunchtime was in my capacity as myself rather than as Sole Propietor, even Absentee Landlord, of St Andrew’s.

    But of course this is politics and, paradoxically enough, as spring, May 5 beckons, and the sun rises earlier, all becomes more a case of shadows and fog.

    What stunts will Brian Fitch be pulling in Hangleton? He might not be exactly popular in Labour circles but they know he is a wily old bird and could get behind him.

    How do things look from the surrounding hills? This is a subject that the BPB could address.

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  4. What bunkum. Brian Fitch is a legend and much loved by Labour people. I would happily join a fan club.

    • One wonders what Dawn Barnett’s reaction has been to this news that Labour is dropping everything elsewhere to get behind Brian Fitch’s bid to regain Hangleton. Profits are sure to rise in the Grenadier as residents seek retreat from the fray.

  5. Impressively researched piece, Baps! One major thing you’ve missed, however, is that Robert is standing in Withdean and has been running a solid campaign there for months now.

    Paragraphs and paragraphs could be written about Robert (as demonstrated by your good self, Baps), but perhaps the best story that I know about him was the time when he chased and successfully caught a thief on a bike who had tried stealing his phone. I wouldn’t have wanted to be that guy on the bike!

    Regarding Hollingdean, you’re of course correct that it is fascinating, but I think that you’re being a little harsh on Robert here. His column was, after all, about Rodhus Art & Design on Hollingdean Road, rather than the whole of Hollingdean.

  6. Nevermind the Churchill Club, my sources tell me that Mr Nemeth is also a member of the exclusive Bilderberg Group.

  7. i was looking at Robert Stuart Nemeth’s blog (on buildings) last night. In it he says ‘I bought my first property over ten years ago as a student back when property was actually affordable.’

    Property was a lot cheaper in the late 90s but nonetheless, but even the smallest flat in B&H was still beyond the sole means of most students. Which reinforces the notion that these people live very different lives to most of the rest of us.

    Apparently he gets paid absolute peanuts for that Latest Homes column too – again, a luxury that most people who make a living by writing could not afford.

  8. As the port goes round at the Dining Club, does the cry go up, “anybody now fancy a spot of canvassing?”

    It looks like the Green vote will increase in South Portslade and Hangleton.

  9. Nemeth is standing in Withdean I heard on the grapevine..when can all goto this “dining club?!”

  10. BPB – do you know if “Dr” Lucas will ever move her main family residence from Oxford to Brighton?

  11. After going to Preston Park station this morning, I had a stroll around North Withdean. An interesting area, and all the more so when Ken and Ann Norman went by in a wagon, with two hairy dogs, and wound down the window in some puzzlement. They said that they are “friendly”, which I do not doubt, and seemed to wonder what I made of their territory; I do not think that they themselves are terrortory: they are unlikely to challenge one to a duel, but it does look as if Withdean is hotting up.

  12. @ng Where DOES Caroline Lucas actually live?

    It’s a question Bappy won’t answer because it will annoy his Green mates. But we should be told!

    London. Brighton. Oxford. Brussels. Choose a city.

  13. […] Thursday I was lucky enough to be a guest at the Sir Winston Churchill 50 Dining Club, which was held at the Carlton Club in Pall Mall.  The club has been revived by Robert Nemeth, a […]

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