Doorstep Brighton: a round up of campaigning for the local elections

Between now and May 5th, I will be running a ‘Weekend Round Up” reporting on campaign activity in Brighton and Hove.  Please send in brief reports on what is happening in your ward or activities elsewhere.  Send details of turnout, trends on the doorstep, anecdotes, etc.  Either add them as comments to this post or email to I will reproduce them faithfully except unfounded attacks on opponents.  This will allow readers to assess where momentum is.  This invitation is open to candidates of all parties other than the BNP and other neo-fascist parties.

Already this weekend there have been interesting reports on Labour activities, with Nancy Platts back in town reporting good response on the doorstep, and keen activity by Labour in Regency Ward.  Green candidates in Brunswick and Adelaide, Ollie Sykes and Phelim MacCafferty, report that they had met 2 former Lib Dem supporters who are outraged by this week’s cutting of Education Maintenance Allowance that they are voting Green for the first time in May. 

The Greens have announced their candidates in two of their key seats, Regency (which they hold) and Hollingdean and Stanmer (one of its key targets).  And inspired selections they are, too.  In Regency the Greens are going with Jason Kitcat, one of the best known and impressive ward councillors in the City.  Fellow councillor, Sven Rufus is moving to stand in Hollingdean and Stanmer, where he lives. The challenge for the Greens was to select a candidate who might one day match Jason in the name-recognition stakes.  And the Party has chosen someone by the name of ….. Kitcat.  Yes, Ania Kitcat, wife of Jason. They are up against Labour’s Dan Wilson and James Asser, nice guys but dull in comparison to the twin-pack Kitcat (sorry, that was pathetic).

In Hollingdean and Stanmer, in addition to Sven Rufus, the Greens have selected community activists Luke Walter and Christina Summers.  Both are well known and respected, and in Christina’s case, will reach residents that traditional activists might not reach.  I still believe there will be a split result in H&S, but with this selection I would predict that Jeane Lepper, Sven Rufus and Christina Summers will be elected.  Nothing against Luke, he will lose out because he will appear at the bottom of the ballot paper.

I suggest that those Tweeting should start using #doorstepbrighton.

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  1. My round-up to date (I’m in H&S): I was doorstepped by Labour about 8 weeks ago. That’s it. Unfortunately, it was Jeanne Lepper, who I like far less than Pat Hawkes.

    Sven Rufus appears to have been putting more effort into his roof extension than doing any campaining. I didn’t even know who the other green candidates were until reading this blog. And I’m interested in local politics.

    All in all, all parties could do much much better!

    • Is HP Labour? He appears more wised up to another candidate’s DIY work than any normal resident would be.

      Sounds to me as if, metaphorically speaking, Labour could do with some of those tubes and mirrors which bring in light from above….

    • One of those mysteries of campaigning HP – you go round the whole ward speaking with residents or leaving your card if they’re out and STILL a few swear no one’s been round and they haven’t a clue who the candidates are! We shall make it our mission to check all those with ‘HP’ as initials and visit each one until we find you! Looking forward to it – best wishes.

  2. GASP! I’m offended.

    A fair point, BPB, but history doesn’t always bode disaster for candidates at the bottom of the ballot paper.

    But, I will admit, being ‘Aaron Aaronson’ certainly increases one’s chances.

    HP – hope to meet you sometime soon. Probably missed you when we did our first sweep across the ward last September.

  3. Since this is the first rational way of BPB actually scientifically making comment on the way things are going in Brighton and Hove politically, I’m going to attempt to engage.

    I don’t expect my reports to be taken into account, due to the huge anti-lib dem bias on here, most of which is thoroughly entertaining but I’ll fight my corner as always.

    The Lib Dems were out in force in Hove this weekend, as we have been every weekend since at least September (since the General election for some of us). We were getting good returns on all fronts, which is not something any of us ever should learn to expect. We don’t take our votes for granted, and never have done.

    It is an incredibly tough time to be a Lib Dem. But I feel that is more down to the self flagellation from some of ourselves and the whisperings of the “chattering political classes” as witnessed here. An earlier poster stated correctly “the pavement is better than the barstool” for determining political preference.

    The reaction I have is predominantly positive. The only person who has bitten my head off on the doorstep was a long time Labour activist. Whilst that is never pleasant, it’s something a party of government has to get used to. We can’t please everyone, nor should we try to. I came into politics to make a difference to people’s lives and improve the community I was brought up in. Not sit in my armchair and shout down every decision I disliked.

    We’ll be fighting hard to make gains in May. In Brighton and Hove we have recruited more members, both pre and POST Coalition – who are engaged, active and keen to see us succeed.

    There is no point predicting results yet. The only thing to say is that there is all to play for in the short time until May. We’ll be campaigning to make sure it remains that way until 10pm May 5th!

    • Hi Mark

      Apologies, your comment arrived just as I was posting Doorstep Brighton. I will post it tomorrow evening in a substantive blog with any other reports I receive. Delighted you will be fighting your corner. Please send regular updates. BPB

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