Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats having a bust-up in a telephone box

What on earth is happening to the local Liberal Democrats?  They have deselect David Watkins, one of just two councillors they have on the City Council.  It is not that the Lib Dems are top of the popularity stakes just now and can afford to dispense with the service of David who is well liked and respected in Brunswick and Adelaide.

The other Lib Dem councillor, Paul Elgood, seems to be doing everything possible to attack Labour.  Could it be that he is looking to jump ship in order to join the Tories while David is looking towards Labour?  In the Argus on Tuesday, Elgood praises the Coalition Government for plans to improve post offices.  Funny, he makes no mention of proposed cuts across the public sector.  In his blog he praises Mark Collins, the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Central Hove ward in next May’s city elections, who “has re-affirmed our commitment to oppose any increase in the tuition fees”.  This leaves me a bit confused.  Does Cllr Elgood not know that his Leader, Nick Clegg, is justifying an increase in tuition fees as “progressive”?  Is he not aware that public anger is focused well and truly at the Lib Dems for betraying the commitment to vote against any increase in tuition fees?

Roll on May 2011.  It will be “farewell, Liberal Democrats in Brighton and Hove” (and in many places across the country).

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  1. Is Watkins as well liekd at the BPG says?

    He polls considerably fewer votes than Elgood in Brunswick.

    It looks to me that Brunswick will be a Green gain.

  2. I can’t help laughing at the LibDem taking up the case of post offices…

    The changes to the UK’s post office and royal mail were driven directly by the EU.

    The Lib Dems dedication to passing control from our own government at Westminster to Brussels is unsurpassed in British politics – pretending that they want things to be different or can do anything about it in the UK is a joke.

  3. In fact, Councillor David Smith has also been deselected…

    … in Coventry, that is.

    Google Councillor David Smith, and you find that the country is rife with them. That laboratory did not know what it had unleashed when it came up with Dolly the Sheep. Where will it all end?

  4. I’m intrigued by the limp Lib Dem’s selection of peripatetic “local campaigner” Brian Stone as Paul Elgood’s running mate. Tired looking Brian recently ran unsuccessfully in Hackney:

    • David Watkins ran 250 votes behind Paul Elgood last time around, with the Greens (who did not even run a campaign) not far behind. Draw your own conclusions. BPB can’t have his/her ear very close to the ground in this part of town …

      Brian Stone stood in Hackney in 2007. He’s been in B&H longer than Alex Phillips had been when she won Goldsmid. Recent arrivals don’t seem to worry all that many voters.

      • Yes, I think BPB is trying to provoke a reaction when he describe Watkins as “well liked and respected”

  5. Ah right, clearly BPB you think that parties should never disagree with their leadership? That sounds very democratic. Is that how it works in whatever parties you support?

  6. greens won’t get close, and are under serious threat locally. They were wiped out in London in the local elections – go and check how many cllrs they have in the capital!

    They also polled badly in two London by-elections and the the Norwich elections.

    Greens will see defeats in Queens Park and Preston Park. They will also be wiped out in Goldsmith ward on a much higher turnout than a by-election.

    They are miles off in Brunswick and won’t get close.

  7. Spot on. The electorate emphatically rejected the socialists in the general election when they voted for the coalition. It seems some people are still in denial about this!

    • Nobody voted for the coalition, which was stitched up after the election. Many who voted (and in my case campaigned) for the Lib Dems did so on the basis that the party did not support the kind of deep and rapid cuts that they are now implementing, along with all the rest of Tory, state-shrinking rubbish. Many are now utterly disillusioned.

      BPB is thoroughly ill-informed about Brunswick ward, but quite correct to say that the Lib Dems are stuffed in Brighton and Hove. Nationally, there isn’t room for a right-wing, economic liberal party – Clegg and his chums will eventually join the Tories, it’s only a matter of time.

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