A round-up of political blogs in Brighton and Hove (Part 2)

This is the second installment of my occasional round-up of Brighton (and Hove) political blogs.

Luke Walter: Luke’s Blog ‘The Plural Progressive’ is a pale reflection on his prolific presence on Twitter. The last time Luke posted something on his blog was 18th May which is a great shame since his posts were well worth reading.  Take, for his example, his post Momentum from 9th May which provides a great analysis of the Green’s chances in next May’s local elections.  Come on, Luke, get blogging again.

Mary Mears:  I enjoy Mary’s blog.  It is nicely sectarian, never afraid to have a dig at opposition councillors, not least Ben Duncan who seems to get to Mary regarding his comments on EDO.  May is a highly effective politician and is underestimated by her opponents at their peril.  I profoundly disagree with a lot of what she says, but she has insights that make her one of the foremost bloggers locally – and she blogs on such a regular basis for someone so busy.

Metrodeco’s Brighton Blog: All the big stories, all the big news, all the big gossip…  Not necessarily a political blog but worth dipping into from time to time as this blog offers an interesting perspective on life in Kemptown.

Nancy Platts: Since her defeat at the general election, Nancy has moved back to London but has promised to move back to Brighton should she be selected to take on Caroline Lucas at the next General Election.  (Don’t do it, Nancy, you will get heavily defeated.  Chose a winnable seat which Brighton Pavilion won’t be next time unless it emerges that Caroline Lucas is an alien receiving backhanders from the airline industry).  Her Brighton blog (like that of her Tory opponent Chuck Vere) has been put on ice.  Follow the link and you will be told “Holding page for http://www.nancyplatts.com”. Probably one to remove until, and if, Nancy returns.

Neil Harding: Neil produces a regular, easy to read blog.  Gone is the busy landing page which confused my simple mind.  Now it is clean, crisp and readable.  A good, honest blogger who provides an important perspective on politics in Hove (and Brighton).

I’ll review others next time.  Please let me know if I have missed any local political blogs.  I am aware that there is a shortage of local Labour blogs.  Please suggest some.

3 Responses

  1. I think this is the kick I need to get me blogging again.

    Expect fireworks soon…perhaps.

  2. Does Mary Mears write her blog?

  3. I feel I must stand up a little for Nancy Platts here, not least as a friend.

    Nancy has not promised to move back to Brighton in the event of being reselected to fight Pavilion. Utter nonsense.

    She has moved back to London (after more than three years in Brighton) because of work and other pressures. I think most normal people understand how it is. Candidates are unpaid, after all.

    I know that both Nancy and her partner Steve would both love to live in Brighton regardless of politics. But that’s because they love it here and are frequent visitors.

    But, I suggest, if she sought it, Nancy would earn Labour’s nomination in Brighton Pavilion for the next general election. I doubt, though, that we’ll have to wait that long. She’s too talented.

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