Evidence of deep divisions within Brighton and Hove Conservatives

The Tories in Brighton and Hove are at each other’s throat.  Leading councillor Ayas Fallon-Khan has been deselected by his Goldsmid ward association.  This is the latest, and the most public, display of hostility within the local Conservative Party. 

The divisions are local and personal, with genteel Hove Tories upset by the Brighton-dominated leadership.  But there are other divisions – between those Tories who are basically One Nation Tories and those who are salivating at the prospect of deep cuts by the ConDem Coalition.

What most Tories are fearing as they approach next May’s local elections, is the backlash against them because of the cuts.  They may not like each other, but that will be insignificant when compared to the hatred that they will experience as representatives of the Coalition Government.

4 Responses

  1. I was supprised at how dejected the Tories looked at Sussex Uni freshers fair. After the Greens, they were the most active party on campus during the General Election but now they just looked demorralised. And I think they were the only party that didn’t have a Hollingdean and Stanmer candidate on the stall.

    Labour seem to be going for it and there were a suprising amount of Lib Dems there.

    I couldn’t believe the response to the Greens though, everyone had heard about Brighton having the first Green MP and seemed to be really excited about it. We had people who had already got a vote Labour sticker but were saying they supported the Greens.

    I also heard that the Greens were the only party at Brighton Uni freshers fair.

    • I think you’re jumping the gun a bit, Allie.

      Since Hollingdean and Stanmer are (at the moment) completely Labour, I for one am not that concerned about pushing candidates for that ward. However, we did have Simon Kirby MP pop in for a bit.

      I should point out this was our first ever stall at Freshers’ Fair, and the response we got was actually quite uplifting.

      The Tory society at Brighton Uni haven’t gotten off the ground yet, but hopefully they will be up and running in the near future.

  2. The BPB is spot on here.

    My inference is that the Tories are indeed split. When I meet them in passing there are some who are charming and easy going, such as Ayas Fallon-Khan, who extends a friendly hand, as do Geoffrey Theobald, Geoff Wells, Garry Peltzer-Dunn and the Normans, while others are rebarbative. No need to repeat here Cllr David Smith or Dawn Barnett’s unpleasant comments but I thnk they are doing the Tories, and themselves, special damage by that aggression. I think a freewheelin’, open nature makes for a longer life.

  3. I notice that the CounCIL has actually engaged CounSEL to present their defence to Jason Kitcat’s appeal. Is there no amount of public money the Tories won’t fritter away on their political vendettas? Someone should call in District Audit….oh hang on…the Tories have abolished that.

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