Something interesting might happen next May in Hollingbury and Stanmer

Something interesting might just happen next May in Hollingbury and Stanmer.  It has long been regarded as a safe Labour seat, and with three long-standing councillors set to defend their seats, one would normally expect them to win comfortably.  Last time out, in 2007, Labour saw off the challenge from the Conservatives.  Jeane Lepper topped the poll with 1,326 votes, with Christine Simpson second (1,056) and Pat Hawkes (1,046) surprisingly down at third.  The nearest Conservative polled 838 votes.

A year or so ago, Pat Hawkes announced her intention to retire next May, but has since then decided to contest the seat again.  However, her re-election is far from certain, nor is that of Christine Simpson who is not one of the most active ward councillors in the City, invisible at ward level and on the council.  The exception is Jeane Lepper who is active, maintains a high profile and will certainly be re-elected.

But something interesting might just happen.  There is a very small chance that the Conservatives will rally their support, but this is unlikely.  It is the Greens who should be watched.  Hollingbury and Stanmer is a key target.  Unlike in 2007, the Greens are organising at the University of Sussex, and showed how much support at election time.  What is more, a seasoned campaigner in the form of Regency Ward councillor Sven Rufus, who lives in Hollingdean, will be standing next May and he has been active building support.

With both Christine Simpson and Pat Hawkes vulnerable, the Greens have every chance of picking up two seats in May.  If they achieve this, they will be a long way down the road of becoming the largest party on the City Council.  My advice for non-Tories is to vote for Jeane Lepper, Sven Rufus and another Green.  This will be such an interesting contest.

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  1. Interesting. Though, I would go one further and say there’s a real possibility of the Greens election three councillors!

    Its not only on the University of Sussex campus where we can rely on support but across the whole of the ward.

    Speaking to residents in a number of council blocks, there is a clear sense that they’ve been neglected not only by the council, but by their existing councillors as well. This, in some respects, can be regarded as Labour’s ‘jewel’ in Pavilion. Mind you, Pavilion was considered Labour’s jewel in the South East.

  2. I’d say it’s three Green seats there. And also in Preston Park. My goodness, I’ve walked round these places, and talked with so many people.

    Labour ir more likely to keep its vote up in the Portslades and, perhaps, Hangleton.

    The Conservatives certainly have no grasp of how the city is changing.

  3. Well, who was it who said the Titanic was unsinkable – & we all know what happened to the Titanic ! So, too, Labour in Hanover & Elm Grove including Joyce ES. But I suspect Joyce would have left Labour anyway after the fiasco Labour in Government was to become.
    Labour’s demise is terminal. They have hot realised it yet but like the dinosaur bleeding slowly to death, it is too dumb to realise it is mortally wounded & a terminal case. When eventually it does realise its condition it will be too late to save itself. For the membership is growing old & tired – like the Labour Councillors, not being replacedby new blood. Why would David Lepper who just want’s to put feet up after a deserved break from 13+ years in Government he disagreed with on certain matters, become Branch Secretary in Hollingdean ? To organise the campaign, is the reply no doubt from myopic Labour. The truth is Labour has no troops left and traditional support is evapourating.
    Labour is finished – in Brighton and in the UK. Like the dinosaur extinction is inevitable. A new leader may breathe new life. Like New Labour, this will be shortlived and just stay the inevitable for a short time. As the Liberals went into gradual decline with Labour’s formation and development, so too will Labour. And Labour renaged on its election manifesto promise to change the voting system. Now it will bite them back.
    Jean Lepper, Pat Hawkes and the other one are into their final nine months. A preganant pause before the baby goes out with the bathwater. Greens took all 3 at Hanover, and despite Mr Bloggers opinion, she will be saying a tearful goodbye whenever the election is 2011.
    Good bye, Jean, goodbye Pat, goodbye ……..Andy Pandy is going to bed.

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