Hanover and Elm Grove – they will weigh not count the Green vote next May

Councillor Bill Randall is a disappointment to me.  That is, Bill Randall as a blogger.  Just 4 posts in almost a year.  But as a ward councillor and Leader, sorry Convenor, of the Green Group on the Council, Bill Randall never fails to impress.

Thanks to Bill, the Greens have made Hanover and Elm Grove a fortress.  In 2007, faced with the indomitable Joyce Edmond-Smith, the Greens could reasonably have expected to retain their two seats, but they went one better and won all three.  Joyce, as I have said before, was Labour's leading green, often out-greening the Greens.  Yet she became a victim of the Labour collapse.  Bill Randall topped the poll with 2,182 votes, followed by Georgia Wrighton (2,102) and new-comer Vicky Wakefield-Jarrett (1,945).  Joyce was fourth with 1,321 votes.  The scale of the Green majority was surprising.

Since then Labour has been stuck firmly in reverse gear, and in May there will be no point counting the Green vote.  Just weigh it.  The only down-side for the Greens is the possibility that both Vicky and Georgia may stand down in May.  The loss of two young women councillors (from which ever party) is something to be regretted.  I hope that one or both will reconsider and stand again.  However, if they don't the Greens will still stroll home.


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