Goldsmid Ward – the most interesting seat in Brighton and Hove

Goldsmid is the most fascinating seat in Brighton and Hove, currently a three-way marginal.  In 2007 two Conservatives councillors and one Labour councillor were elected. The now discredited Paul Lainchbury topped the poll with 1,330 votes, fellow Tory Ayas Fallon-Khan second (1,238), while Labour’s Melanie Davis prevented a Tory clean-sweep with 1,231 votes.  The unsuccessful Tory polled 1,189 votes. 

The Greens came a close third, making this the most fiercely contested seat last time.  However, the ordinary state of affairs was blown apart following the resignation of Lainchbury, with the sensational by-election victory by the Green’s Alex Phillips last year, securing the Greens first seat in Hove.

The Greens have momentum in Goldsmid.  Melanie Davis has not set the world on fire, and a question has to be asked whether she will stand again.  The Greens are targeting the seat in 2011.  With more Lib Dem votes likely to go to the Greens, it is likely that the Greens will have a better chance of beating the Tories than Labour.

For this reason, I am encouraging anti-Tory votes to vote tactically for the Greens, although a vote for Melanie Davis (if she stands) and two Greens (particulary Alex Phillips) is not being discouraged.

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  1. Goldsmid is certainly a fascinating ward but equally so are Patcham and Rottingdean Coastal.

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