Tactical voting in Central Hove – difficult one to call

Central Hove is a difficult seat to call.  The seat is currently held by Young and Older councillors, Jan Young (901 votes) and Averil Older (964).  Runners up were the Lib Dems (692 and 667 votes) with the Greens coming in third (420 and 333 votes).

Both Jan and Averil are well known and respected councillors and it is unlikely that they will be shifted.  We can expect the Lib Dem vote to collapse thanks to the ConDem coalition, with their votes spread between Labour and the Greens.  Given that Labour came a poor forth last time (317 and 304 votes), on balance anti-Tory voters should vote tactically for the Greens.

This ward should be a lower priority for the Greens than, say, Brunswick and Adelaide, although they should regard this seat as similar to Preston Park Ward where they have made a breakthrough and should win all three seats in May.  The Greens may not win it this time around, but they should continue putting up candidates who will run this time and again in 2015 and who are prepared to serve as councillors.

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