East Brighton – an easy call for a tactical vote for Labour

Labour has precious few safe seats in Brighton and Hove, having been put to the sword by the Greens at the last local elections, as well as at the General Election when all three Brighton and Hove parliamentary seats were lost.

East Brighton could be called a safe seat, although the Party would be well advised not to take even this seat for granted.

Labour comfortably held the seat in 2007 with a large majority.  Elected were Gill Mitchel (1,539 votes), Warren Morgan (1,401) and Craig Turton (1,262).  The leading Tory polled exactly 1,000 votes. The Greens came third and the Lib Dems trailed in fourth. It is likely that the Lib Dem votes will be shared between Labour and the Greens, allowing Labour to safely hold the seat and allow the Greens to challenge the Tories for second place.

But for safety sake, I would encourage a tactical vote for Labour.

3 Responses

  1. Alternatively, vote for what you believe in. If that’s social and environmental justice then don’t fool yourself that Labour are much better than the Lib Dems or Tories. Another bloody nose will keep them on their feet.

  2. I think the neighbouring Rottingdean Coastal much more interesting than East Brighton. The key ward.

    Should events go a certain way overall in May, will we see the Tories and Labour forming a coalition here? Suicide for both parties…

    It is all shaping up to be the most subtle game of chess. With a dash of snakes and ladders.

  3. yes tories have no chance here the votes they need just don’t exist

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