Don’t let Lib Dems defect to Labour or the Greens

What would you do if you were a Lib Dem councillor in Brighton and Hove?  Faced with a backlash against that party in next May’s local elections, do you rely on your personal vote to see you home even though the tide is very much against your party?

At the last locals, Joyce Edmond-Smith, a long-standing and highly respected Labour councillor in Hanover and Elm Grove, faced the Greens who had momentum on their side.  Joyce was Labour’s foremost green activist, with a better environmental record than many Greens.  She enjoyed a large personal vote, well-deserved and hard-earned over many years, but it wasn’t enough to save her and she was beaten by 624 votes.

David Watkins and Paul Elgood bear no comparison to Joyce when it comes to a personal vote.  Brunswick and Adelaide has a highly transient population and turnout is traditionally low.  Last time turnover was below 28%.  Being a Lib Dem councillor can’t be much fun at the moment.

So what do you do? I think that there is a chance that they will either not stand again so to avoid being beaten, or they may cross the floor and join either Labour or the Greens.  Their applications should be rejected.  If they really find the ConDem coalition distasteful, they should have taken a principled stand at the time.  Any defection now will be opportunistic and self-serving.

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