Brunswick & Adelaide (Brighton & Hove) – vote tactically for the Greens in May 2011

This is the first of several posts that will look at the each of the wards in Brighton and Hove in preparation for next May’s local election. There will be recommendations for tactical voting, but you can be assured that there will b no recommendation for an anti-Tory tactical vote for the Lib Dems.

Brunswick and Adelaide is the only Lib Dem seat on the Council. The two ward councillors, Paul Elgood and David Watkins, are active councillors in the best Liberal tradition, but the damage caused to all Lib Dems by the ConDem coalition makes this a vulnerable seat.

In 2007, at the last local elections, the result the election of Elgood (942 votes) and Watkins (729).  The Greens were next with 482 and 431 votes, and then the Tories with 368 and 357.  Labour came a poor fourth with 284 and 265 votes.

There is no doubt that Brunswick and Adelaide will be a priority target for the Greens, and Labour supporters should cut their losses and back the Greens.  Should the Lib Dems lose the seat, they will disappear altogether in Brighton and Hove.

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