How you can protest this very day against Blair and his war crimes

Have you heard about the small, silent protest you can make against Tony Blair?   People are moving his autobiography A Journey from the biography shelves and putting them on the Crime shelves.  There is even a Facebook group that is advocating this.  Someone has suggested it should be filed under ‘Mass Murder’. 

A Journey has even been spotted on the shelves for the category ‘Tragic Life Stories’ and Peter Mandelson’s The Third Man has appeared in the Fiction section in some bookshops.  I just can’t understand why ….!

I like that sort of subtle protest.  Perhaps a less subtle form was during the Poll Tax when someone appeared on a late night chat show ‘representing’ a group styled “Scotland for the Poll Tax”.  He said it was outrageous that people were filling in the gaps of the bar chart on poll tax bills with black felt tip pens, “Black felt tip pens”, he repeated slowly and with emphasis, then telling the viewers that it caused chaos in poll tax offices.  So he told the viewers one more time that the “must not fill in the gaps on the bar charts with a BLACK ….. FELT TIP …. PEN”.

What are your favourite subtle, or not so subtle, protest stories.  I will publish the best of them.

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