Jean Calder – hedging her bets by supporting both candidates in St Peter’s and North Laine by-election

Two days to go before the St Peter’s and North Laine by-election and there is an oddity in the leaflets of both the Labour candidate, Tom French, and the Green candidate, Lizzie Deane.  Both are claiming to have been endorsed by former Labour councillor, Jean Calder. 

In the Green leaflet, Ms Calder applauds the support given by the Green Party in the campaign to save St Peter’s Church.  Jean Calder is the Convenor (a very Green concept) of the Friends of  St Peter’s Church.

Then tonight a leaflet is being distributed in St Peter’s and North Laine and there, again, is Ms Calder praising Tom French and saying that the Greens should have recruited him. 

Democracy is usually about deciding which candidate you wish to vote for.  Jean Calder seems to have taken it one step further – wanting to support the two leading candidates.  At least she is hedging her bets and will be able to claim she supported the winning candidate!  Now that’s what I call tactical voting.

3 Responses

  1. I for one am throwing my weight behind Lizzie Deane (was anything else expected).

    I believe in Green politics and Green values, and this is something we can only ever achieve if people vote Green,

    As I’ve said in your previous blog, we can see the effect of Green influence in the ward. I think voters will wish to see this continue for some time.

  2. I happened to speak with Jean Calder on Saturday. This ranged quite widely, and interestingly, but I do not know for whom she will plump on Thursday. But at the Milliband meeting this evening she was one of several who thought that next May the two parties would be able to see off the Tories.

  3. I waited all day for a call from the Tories, but one didn’t come – so unfortunately I never made the hat trick!

    Joking aside, I would like to make the folowing points:

    1. My comments in the Green leaflet relate not to Lizzie Deane, but to good work undertaken by existing Green councillors in respect of St Peter’s Church (a model of non-partisan co-operation).
    2. Though Lizzie is I am sure an admirable woman, I know very little about her and so could not support or endorse her
    3. Despite my deep concerns about Labour in government, I have been impressed by Tom French’s active local campaign and think that if elected he would be a committed and hard working councillor.
    4. I do hope for much greater co-operation between Green and Labour councillors (as I suspect many voters do)
    5. I also hope that Tory and Liberal Democrat councillors of good sense and principle will resist the worst excesses of the government.

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