Caroline Lucas – Observer Ethical Politician of the Year

Congratulations once again to Caroline Lucas who has been named, for the third time, as the Observer’s Ethical Politician of the Year.

In the  article in today’s Observer, she says on media coverage: “We’re normally chasing journalists so to suddenly have them chasing us was a very satisfying reversal”.

This reversal of fortune is refreshing given the media’s obsession with the personality politics of the Westminster village. Even if  she is reluctantly co-opted into the media obsession, she will no doubt make good use of this exposure to promote ethical issues and promote the Green Party.

But with her elevation, there is a danger, and this was one of the main accusations thrown at her by Labour in the general election: that as Leader of the Greens and its sole MP, her time and attention will be split between national and local priorities.  I have every sympathy with her given she will be faced with demands that will be almost impossible to meet.

She can minimise this by surrounding herself by highly efficient staff and supporters.  It is important that she (probably through her assistants) ensure that her constituents get a human (not automated) response to enquiries.

Locally, the new MP who has ben most impressive has been Mike Weatherley who has a team of young, enthusiastic and personable staff.  The biggest danger for Caroline Lucs and the Greens would be arrogance.  They are the biggest show in town at the moment.  Their job is to make sure that their constituents, individually, feel that they are.

2 Responses

  1. In terms of ethics, I think making good on campaign pledges is vital.

    Caroline Lucas was asked at hustings whether she would be moving to Brighton as MP. She said she would.

  2. I was walking through the North Laine with Caroline Lucas yesterday evening, and was struck by the extraordinary number of people who stopped to talk in that sunshine, including a man from Reading, and a crowd outside a pub asked to her to come in for a drink but she was on her way to a long residents’ surgery.

    I thought it unlikely that there are similar scenes in Hove and Kemp Town.

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