“No Shock Doctrine for Britain” – a must read blog

There is a great blog “No Shock Doctrine for Britain” that I strongly urge you to follow.  A post on 24th May forcast the shock doctrine of Cameron and Clegg, quotin my favourite economist, David Blanchflower:”

“Top economist David Blanchflower described the announcement of £6.2 billion of cuts as ‘a dreadful day for British people’ – and said they are ‘driven by dogma not by sound economics.’

“Unlike most economists, David Blanchflower – a former member of the Monetary Policy Committee – actually predicted this recession, and called for measures which would have helped prevent it.

“He’s not alone. Bill Clinton’s chief economist (and Nobel Winner) Joseph Stiglitz, recently said: “the economics is clear: reducing government spending is a risk not worth taking.”

“David Laws and his Tory friends have always wanted to dismantle much of the welfare state. And now they are relishing an opportunity to do so.”

Please read the blog and sign the petition to Lib Dem ministers.

4 Responses

  1. Those people who don’t want the government to borrow/spend less have a simple solution open to them…

    They can pop down the bank/building society and borrow/spend the money themselves.

    You want the money to be borrowed/spent? fine, but you get to pay it back too… Not me, not my kids etc…

  2. Yes, a great analysis in the No Shock Doctrine blog.

    Unmasks the Libs and Cons agenda.

    Paul / UKIP’s post is typically short-sighted, narrow-minded and, well, rather selfish…

    Britain has had a higher nat debt at other points in history.

    Sky didn’t fall in…

    • You think that because you are a reactionary who is committed to locking the UK into the deep rut of failure that the socialists dug for us over the past dozen years.

      My proposal is not short sighted – I am thinking about the future, you are short sighted you are only worried about today.

      My proposal is not selfish, it gives everyone the opportunity to show just how much they beleive in what they say, and to act on it. The proposed plan is selfish because it forces everyone to do what *you* want.

      This really shows how bogus the lefts claim of being progressive and radical really are. They are entirely reactionary, locking in failure because they are too conservative to honestly analyse the situation they have created.

  3. Hmm. People are going to have to understand that antisocial personality disorder costs the nation 31,240 pounds of tax per ASPD per year. Before talking about cuts, why not spend some time thinking about where the money has been spent for so long. And the reality is it harms society far more than antisocial behaviour does.

    This is the song ‘Gordon Brown be my Angel’, good old.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCEWhEuhRoo (lyrics annotated)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znUtocdwnYw (BETTER SOUND QUALITY)

    Brahms Lullaby

    Gordon Brown! Gordon Brown!
    Will you be my angel?
    Guardian angel is what I meant
    Will you rescue my soul?

    For you are in charge
    Of these people I wrote to
    Stephen Timms, Jack Straw
    Let me place my trust in you

    Gordon Brown! MP’s!
    Let me sing out loud
    For what you do, for my country
    For my reproductive system

    You right wrongs! My right’s been wronged
    I am desperate for you
    Not just you! There’s Jon Herring
    I’m a violated woman

    Gordon Brown, help me sleep!
    Help me sleep like a baby
    Will my babies ever come out?
    Maternal desires!
    I lost my womanhood
    In a sinister curse
    Gordon Brown! Bring it back!
    You are perfect for that!

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