Boycot Israel over international piracy and ongoing crimes in Gaza

When Somali pirates attack ships in international waters, the Royal Navy is dispatched and the BBC rightfully condemns such piracy.

But when a peace convoy setting sale from Turkey is attacked in international waters, no though is given to sending the Royal Navy to protect fellow NATO ships, and the BBC repeatedly shows the ‘justification’ put out by the pirates.

The Israeli government says its soldiers were attacked by those on the ships.  In international law, when a ship is attacked in international waters by pirates, deadly force may be used.  No such force was used by those in the flotilla.

I am tired of listening to the lies and justification of the Israeli state, and the pitiful reaction of both the UK and US governments.

It is time for a full scale boycot of Israeli products.

2 Responses

  1. Brilliantly said BPB!

  2. I guess you just want to say stuff to get it on record to look good to a certain audience.

    But in reality don’t you think anyone who would boycott Israel is already dong so? Your preaching to the choir is just posturing.

    In the name of ‘preventing terrorism’ the UK invaded/occupy the soverign nations of Afghanistan and Iraq – now you get your knickers in a twist over Israel boarding a few ships in international waters ??

    Are you calling for other countries to boycott the UK ? or is that different is some way?

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