Con Dem Nation will see the Lib Dems wiped out in Brighton and Hove

I have been cut off in Outer Patagonia for the last 12 days.  No news, no internet, nothing.  On the way back someone told me this ludicrous joke that Nick Clegg had done a deal with Cameron to creat a Con Dem Nation, that Uncle Vince Cable was in government proposing the sale of 49% of the Royal Mail, that Norman Baker had gon into government with the Tories, and that David Miliband was standing for the leadership of the Labour Party!

Actually, I hve found the last 12 days quite depressing.  But there is one silver lining on the cloud, and I have recognised a terrible mistake I made in the run up to the election.  It all has to do with the Lib Dems. 

This blog advocated tactical voting to kep the Tories out.  In Eastbourne and Lewes I said that a Lib Dem vote was important to keep David Cameron out of Downing Street.  I was wrong.

Next election my advice to voters in Eastbourne and Lewes will be ‘Vote Tory’. I would rather have the real thing than a poor yellow imitation that lends repectability to the Tories.

Clegg is the most rightwing Lib Dem leader in several gereations, cut from the same cloth as Cameron.  It is no surprise that they make such good bed fellows.  But Norman Baker, how could you ….. ?

As for the silver lining, the Lib Dems will see their support from left of centre voters collapse.  In Brighton and Hove this is good news for the Greens who can now be even more optimistic about picking up two seats from the Lib Dems in Brunswick next May.

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  1. There is also a sizeable Lib Dem vote in other parts of Hove, most notably in Central Hove, which could aid any Green effort in that ward.

    The Greens can also target Lib Dem voters in Goldsmid to help swing the non-Green held seats their way.

    In a number of other wards the combined Green-Lib Dem vote would go some way to toppling Labour or Tory incumbants.

    It’s a unique opportunity that the Greens can hope to capitalise on.

  2. On a large part of the joint programme, in particular civil liberties and political reform, I am pleased with the results. They are the very areas where I felt let down by Blair and Brown. I’m sure there’s a lot of areas where I don’t agree with them, but it remains to be seen where those are. I think the libdems have tamed the Tories, but I guess we have to wait for their actions rather than their words.

  3. From being governed by a party with a leader that had never been to the country, to being governed by a coalition government with a ‘manifesto’ that has never been put to the country.

    For generations lib dems lived for this moment – a hung parliament giving them influence to introduce PR… the moment comes… and Clegg puts his own career ahead of millions of hours work by generations of grass roots lib dems – and PR goes out the window.

    I don’t like the the lib dem party (nor PR) myself, but more than that I hate seeing ordinary peoples trust betrayed (even lib dems)…

    Lib dems are history, conservatives are on life support. Next time its new NuLabour vs UKIP .

  4. I have learnt a great deal the past few weeks, months, much of it by talking with people in their thousands, and shsll not post any more while I let it mulch down.

  5. I think you’re exactly right about the Con-Dem coalition nationally marking the end of the Lib-Dems here in Brighton and Hove.

    I’ll mourn their passing, but not too much, or for very long. There may well be a home for either Paul Elgood or David Watkins, or both, in the Green Party one day.

    I made the same prediction a few days ago: if your readers are interested they can read it here:

    • Ben has a rather interesting view of the real state of affairs in Brighton.
      If you look at the General Election results, it would seem that the Greens will have a hard enough job holding on in Queen’s Park, especially after coming so close to actually losing their deposit in Kemptown.
      Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the Lib Dem vote only fall by 12 in Pavilion, went up in Kemptown and increased by almost 5% in Hove. Hardly the death throes of a party.
      I would say the greens have more to worry about in Brighton now than anyone else. Green policies are going to be under the spotlight in a manner that they have never been before.
      I would say the liberal city of Brighton will always have Liberal Democrats whether the greens like it or not.

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