A final plea for tactical votes in Sussex

It’s polling day.  For the past six months or so, I have been advocating tactical votes in Sussex to minimise the number of Conservatives elected.  Last year, with the Tories running in the polls at plus 40% and David Cameron thought it was a formality that he would become Prime Minister, I feared that 16 Tories might be returned from the 16 seats in Sussex.  There was an outside chance that with tactical voting we could see that number reduced to just 8.  The reality is that we might keep that number at 9, although Crawley is looking particularly vulnerable following the unforgivable decision of Laura Moffatt to stand down at the eleventh hour.

So, for a final time, here are my recommendations for tactical voting today:

Vote LABOUR in Brighton Kemptown, Hove, Hastings and Rye, and Crawley

Vote LIB DEM in Lewes and Eastbourne

Vote GREEN in Brighton Pavilion

The decision in Brighton Pavilion between Labour and the Greens took some serious reflection, but having advocated a Green vote as far back as January, I am more confident than ever that it is the right call for Brighton Pavilion.

5 Responses

  1. It seems Celia Barlow has already told her activists that she has lost, so a tactical vote is a complete waste of time in Hove.

    That should have been obvious anyway, owing to the maths of the current situation, which is NOT the same as the 2005 result.

    Similarly anyone living in Crawley may as well go with their heart there – you are surely not seriously suggesting that a majority of 37 is going to hold up?

  2. Vote GREEN in Brighton Pavilion?!

    Don’t be ridiculous! Vote Labour and return a Labour MP!

  3. Alexander you seem to be working for Charlotte Vere!

    • Derek Wall, you seem to be on another planet!

      Typical of out-of-touch middle-class pseudo-intellectuals.

  4. Looks like your tactical advice was right, even if there’s been far too many Tories coming through and only one Caroline Lucas. There’s only one Caroline Lucas, etc.

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