Charlotte Vere should condemn the Westminster Declaration smear on Caroline Lucas

There has been an attempt to smear Brighton Pavilion Green candidate Caroline Lucas.  Her name has been added to the Westminster Declaration, a right wing anti-abortion, anti-gay statement. Anyone with even a passing knoledge of Caroline knows she is a progressive, principled woman, a feminist, and pro-choice.

Caroline herself has made it absolutely clear that she did not add her name and that she is trying to get her name removed.

Whoever did it is guilty of the most detestable form of politics, and is indicative of a patyhetic desparation by an opponent.

There is no evidence to suggest that her immediate opponents in this election were behind this smear.  I know both Nancy Platts and Charlotte Vere and neither would do so.  However, Charlotte Vere did tweet about it, saying “Astonished to read that @carolinelucas has signed up to the Westminster Declaration”.  It should have been obvious to Charlotte that this was a smear, and she should not have given it further oxygen of publicity. 

Now that Caroline has said she didn’t add her name, I now call on Charlotte to Tweet a simple statement condemning the smear.  Not only would it correct her earlier tweet, it would demonstrate that she and the Conservative Party rejects dirty politics like this.

7 Responses

  1. Yes won’t win Charlotte Vere any new voters.

    and in other news on the eve of poll, a number of trade unionists some of whom normally support Labour have urged voters to vote for Caroline Lucas

  2. Agree, but it’s not so one-sided.

    The Greens have orchestrated several personalized attacks against Charlotte Vere, first the facebook group calling on her to resign and then the magazine cover of “GreeNazi” that attempted to suggest that Vere had been up to something perhaps illegal. Then we had their accusation about Charlotte paying her own activists.

    All of these smears orginated from Green activists. Not one of them was mentioned by your apparently impartial blog!

    This isn’t the behaviour that characterizes a “clean campaign”. It’s absolutely despicable.

    • Alexander – sorry, but it’s quite crazy what you are saying.

      Anyone with a grasp of how social media works will know that a person can set up a facebook account or blog etc and appear to be on one side or another without being given any authorisation.

      No party can censure ‘way out’ activists or ‘double agent-style’ provocateurs who cloak themselves in the party name.

      The idea that Charlotte Vere has been smeared by official Green channels is quite offensive to Green Party activists.

      It’s the same as the pro-Labour graffiti that has defaced Green Party bill boards and the garden boards taken from Green supporters’ homes – but not Labour ones – in the same street.

      Are these ‘official Labour’ channels then?

    • I think you should be concentrating on the behaviour of the candidates and the way the candidates have conducted themselves, after all, that is who the voters are electing, they’re not electing way-ward or over zealous party activists (if they were, I’m sure most voters would be disgusted by the way some activists from certain parties have been carrying out criminal acts from theft to vandalism, in fact, the police have been called in to investigate such matters).

      • Theft and vandalism? Well, I wouldn’t put it past ultra-radicalised Green members!

  3. Conceivably it was a mistake or a misunderstanding, rather than a malicious attempt to “smear” Caroline Lucas?

    Moreover, I don’t see why one needs to be “anti-abortion” or “anti-gay” to make a commitment to defend religious liberty (belief, expression and conscience).

    I speak as a Christian and as one who has voted for Caroline Lucas, in case anyone is wondering.

    And, for what it’s worth, the pledge that Caroline Lucas was alleged to have signed up to was to ‘respect, uphold and protect the right of Christians to hold and express Christian beliefs and act according to Christian conscience’. There was never any suggestion that she had signed the declaration itself.

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