Thank you Nancy, Caroline and Charlotte for a great campaign

Apart from endorsing the Tories, today’s Financial Times had an interesting quote from Nick Clegg, that electoral reform is not a precondition to the Lib Dems working in government with the Tories.  So much for principle.

And both Clegg and David Cameron have joined forces in attacking Labour.  So why the united attacks on Labour and Gordon Brown?  The polls tonight are saying something – that Labour is showing some recovery (although just a couple of points) while the Lib Dem surge is now in decline.  The Tories are showing no sign of recapturing the 40% rating that characterised the last 12 to 18 months.

The Daily Mail has come out tonight in favour of the Conservatives.  No surprise there but it is not a ringing endorsement.  They support the Tories because they don’t want a hung parliament.

Tomorrow will be a fascinating day, and then we have election day itself.  May I take this opportunity to thank Nancy Platts, Caroline Lucas and Charlotte Vere for a great campaign in Brighton Pavilion.  You have all graced us with your presence.  I think it is a shame that the 2010 intake to Parliament will not be blessed with all three of you, but I suspect in the fullness of time the three of you will be reunited on the green benches in lively opposition.  Thank you and best wishes for your futures.

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