Vote Tactically in Brighton Pavilion, Vote for anyone to stop Leo Atreides!

I have just read the election communication of Leo Atreides, an Independent candidate in Brighton Pavilion, or ‘Brighton Pavillion’ as he has remodelled it.

In the cause of fairness, I thought you may wish to get a better understanding of his platform.

“Hear me, Leo Atreides, rally to my cause so that all shall know the love of the Citizens of the Brilliant Pavillion (sic).  We must carry the success of our noble grand parents in the quest to undo inherited injustices of the past that made slaves, beggars & scare of common folk”.  Indeed.  If I had one of those gizmos from the Leaders’ Debates, I know what my worm would be doing right now.

He calls for a “Long Clearing Settlement”, a measure that even Vince Cable is yet to adopt. He says: “The European Central Bank will engage a clearing facility with the development banks of the African Union, Middle East,South America, the Indian subcontinent, Asia and all others to fund adapting to climate change.  The facility enables Europe to provide universal €800 TOP UP PENSIONS A YEAR TO EVERY CITIZEN of the Union of 65+ years”.  (That’s his emphasis, certainly not mine).

So you get it?  Understand how it would work?  No?  Well, Leo helpfully explains: “To illustrate, a borrower writes a cheque that clears in 50 days to a lender and provides a home as security, the lender allows the borrower to withdraw the sum of the cheque immediately. The borrower pays interest every day, when the cheque clears the debt is cancelled.  Instead of cheques we use bonds, instead of a home we use social housing and we use a long clearing period of 50 days”.

Unlike other candidates whose literature records the details of who is promoting the campaign, Leo is promoting hs own.  I wonder why?

This blog has consistently advocated tactical voting, mainly against the Tories.  On this occasion, I would advocate tactical voting for anyone, Labour, Lib Dem, Green, Conservative, Ian Fyvie of the Socialist Labour Party, even UKIP, to stop the surge that could be personified by Leo Atreides.

A final thought, the 15 minutes I have spent writing this post is 15 minutes of my life I will never get back.

9 Responses

  1. And I thought he would be fighting the House of Harkonnen.

  2. Hehe. But now think of the minutes that will be wasted reading it. Collectively, it could be hours, even days of lost humanity here in Pavillion. ;O)

  3. Is that his entire leaflet? I’m really curious what his other policies are. Independents are always fun.

    I’m also wondering if he changed his name to that, because as any Dune reader knows it’s supposed to be Leto, not Leo

  4. Is he the Zombie party? Canvassing today but didn’t pick up on any support for this Dune guy in the south of the constituency!

    Incidentally what is it with the zombie party, they are standing in four or five constituencies?

    • Well, I’m getting quite seduced by the Zombie Party.

      Perhaps they could have a bite at some of our reckless City banker-caused public debt?

      Bail-out cost is c. £40k / family…

      • How many votes might Leo A pick up by being top of the ballot form?

        Another puzzle is that all candidates give a full address but the Zombies’ one gets away with being allowed to say an address somewhere in Brighton and nothing more than that. Could it be the cemetery opposite St Nicholas’s? Or some hidden part of the Town Hall full of the ghosts of Councillors past? It could almost be a Hammer movie. The Councillor Rides Out.

    • Her campaign manager says that the poor old Zombie candidate has been threatened with the sack, if she continues to campaign

      It all indicates to me that this may be an elaborate ruse by their corporate PR, (after all they do publish zombie computer games). If not all I can say is what massive spoilsports! If this is genuine, it doesn’t really bother me overmuch in the case of a joke candidate like her, it would if the candidate had any serious intent, however eccentric extreme or objectionable their views. But what’s the betting that they try to hijack the election results for Brighton Pavilion to advertise their games?


    19 votes. Leo Atreides’ election fail.

    Here is his impossible to read leaflet:
    “I either have Asperger’s Syndrome or I am an Alien”

  6. […] can certainly beat the Lib Dems. Let’s face it, anyone can beat the Lib Dems these days, even Leo Artreides who polled just 19 votes at the general election in Brighton Pavilion. We could have a situation […]

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