Caroline Lucas and Nancy Platts put in strong performances on TV this weekend

Are you still undecided how to vote on Thursday?  It might be worth your while having a look at a couple of programmes broadcast over the weekend on BBC TV and featuring several of the candidates in Brighton Pavilion.

The first,  Newsnight  broadcast on Saturday evening has an item featuring Nancy Platts, Caroline Lucas and Charlotte Vere, as well as a great clip of Green Councillor Alex Phillips about the Greens no loner being a party of sandal-wearers … only to be shown wearing sandals herself.  The broadcast finishes with a bruising encounter between Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Paxman.  It shows Caroline at her charming best agains the Purile Paxman. It shows that, no matter what, Caroline ha the personal qualities she will need as a Westminster MP.

The feature on Brighton Pavilion can be found here and starts at 17 minutes 10 seconds and runs until 29 minutes 50 seconds.

The other is yesterday’s Politics Show South East.  Broadcast from the Brighton Grand Hotel, it featured a debate between Caroline Lucas (Green), Nancy Platts (Labour), Berni Millam (Lib Dem), Charlotte Vere (Conservative)and Nigel Carter (UKIP). For what it is worth, I thought Nancy came across strongest in this debate but luck is not with her in this election. It is ridiculous but this item could not be seen in Brighton Pavilion since it was the slot broadcast from Maidstone.  Instead, in Brighton Pavilion we were able to see a debate broadcast from Southampton and featuring a Dorset constituency.  The BBC must really sort this out. 

As for Charlotte Vere, she came across characteristically robust and personable.  She claims her leaflets are “100% positive”.  So I checked on the 5 Tory leaflets I have received and I have to say she is right! It is a shame that the same can’t be said about her Tweeting.

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  1. O.K. it may have been true then but its defintately not true now! Have you seen the anti-green leaflet the Tories are distributing now?

    Its very desperate!

    • Not as desperate as you lot have been. Creating a militant-esque facebook group to oust her?


  2. I ment Charlotte Verre’s postivite leaflets in the above post by the way.

  3. The Independent on Sunday says vote Green in Brighton Pavilion to stop the Tories and ensure a strong vote for electoral reform.

    They say, “There are also two secondary battlegrounds, where the Liberal Democrats or other minor parties pose a threat to Labour and the Conservatives. Anti-Tory voters in the seats in List 2 should vote for the Lib Dems (or the Green Party in Brighton Pavilion), who are best placed to beat a likely Tory winner. While anti-Labour voters in the seats in List 3 should vote for the Lib Dems (or the SNP in Ochil and South Perthshire), who are best placed to take a Labour-held seat.”

  4. The latest Tory leaflet is incredibly negative, focussed solely on the Green Party, and sneakily doesn’t even mention it’s a Tory leaflet apart from in the small print disclaimer on the bottom in tiny writing saying it was printed for Charlotte Vere.

    Dirty tactics if ever I saw them – Vere is clearly running scared of Caroline’s excellent campaign, charisma and experience.

    The Tories must be getting desperate.

  5. Do me a favour! The Greens have been attacking Charlotte since she was selected … the levels to which you lot have stooped to win a parliamentary seats is, quite frankly, disgraceful.

    It’s enough to make me feel sorry for her!

    Well, not quite.

  6. Caroline Lucas seems to think she has a God-given right to Brighton Pavilion. Instead of carping and sniping at any other candidate who has the audacity to put themselves forward she should be trying to win the election on her policies and manifesto. Then again let’s face it – with a manifesto like her’s wouldn’t you choose to fight a campaign based on personal attack, smear and innuendo. A neat diversion from the spotlight focussing on her policies. Also, am I the only person to think it strange that driving a red double deck routemaster bus with vote Green emblazoned on the side is anything but environmental. Let the people decide – but on policy not on personality.

  7. I am always frustrated by BBC South’s Southampton focus. Why on earth wasn’t the Brighton Pavilion debate shown where it counts.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who finds the Southampton/Portsmouth focus frustrating too……..

  8. Hi BPB,

    The very negative Charlotte Vere leaflet Allie and Belle are referring to can be found here:

    (Looks a bit like it was designed by Leo Atreides!)

  9. Yes, the Tory leaflet looks like something from an anarchist collective, all exclamation marks and wild typefaces.

  10. As I said to Charlotte last night, the leaflet just looks mental.

  11. Interesting to see the Greens so upset when their policies are examined. Just a shame that the Greens aren’t honest enough to tell the voters the truth.

    Luke “the leaflet just looks mental”. Strange turn of phrase to use!

    • The objections to Charlotte’s leaflet are obviously about how Green Party policies are misrepresented: For example, saying ‘DO YOU WANT TO PAY TO GIVE RICH PEOPLE FREE INSULATION? Greens do!’ implies that the Green Party have a policy of giving free insulation just to rich people rather than to everyone.

      Similarly, while page 38 of the manifesto does mention the introduction of congestion charging in areas outside London (with no mention of Brighton at all), asking voters if they want ‘A CONGESTION CHARGE FOR BRIGHTON?’ kind of implies that the Green manifesto specifically calls for a congestion charge in Brighton..

      Also Charlotte’s leaflet cites the same page saying the Greens ‘won’t cut car tax!’ when it actually says they will ‘abolish car tax’ (and replace it with a purchase tax on new cars that reflects their emissions, which isn’t the same thing).

      Anyway, a lot of the content is stuff where the details are correct but are published as if it goes without saying that they are bad e.g. 55MPH. Fair enough, that’s just a matter of opinion.

      The leaflet doesn’t bother me generally, but you’d have to be pretty deluded not to think its negative. Overall I found it amusing, because of it’s rushed-looking format, its capitalisations, its variety of font sizes, the fact it tries not to be a Conservative leaflet (but still tries to make a little crack at Labour).

      No wonder the Conservatives felt the need to head it with ‘THIS IS SERIOUS’ – it doesn’t look it!

      • Sorry, I forgot to say 55MPH speed limit on motorways, good thing I’m not writing any leaflets!

    • Will I think the greens like the leaflet, why else would they be talking about it? It confirms to everyone it’s between you and them.
      It doesn’t even mention Labour!

    • The leaflet is nuts. It looks like the work of an ‘End is Nigh’-er. Clearly Ashcroft’s millions have run out for the Tories in Brighton.

  12. Brighton Belle reckons that (Dr) Lucas has charisma.

    Most other gay men in Brighton that I know think she is bossy and hectoring.

    We had a Green canvasser at the door at the weekend. She was from Hertfordshire and really didn’t know anything about Brighton. She did admit to having driven down here to help out. She hadn’t even thought about her CO2 emissions!

    • Stop looking for ironies that don’t exist – the Green Party aren’t the ‘don’t drive a car anywhere ever party’. Plenty of Labour and Conservative activists are also concerned about climate change and drive cars and that doesn’t make them hypocrites either.

  13. Well I came down by train and….

    A great opportunity to make history and elect first Green MP, due to first past the post we Greens need to concentrate on seats like Brighton P, where we can win.

    So for anyone reading do make your way to the Eco centre next to Brighton train station and do your bit to get Caroline elected….only two days to go to the result.

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