Gordon Brown takes on Paxman – a great performance from a man who should remain Prime Minister

What an absolutely supperb interview Gordon Brown has just given to Jeremy Paxman.  Forget the beauty parade  of the Leaders’ Debates.  This was Brown one on one with the Bruiser of the BBC, Paxman.

A word first about Paxman.  He has in recent years become too predictable, interupting, bullying and ridiculing his interviewees.  I have turned off Newsnight when he has been presenting.  There was less of that tonight, but when he did fall back into his bad ways, Brown coped well, focused and determined to make his points.  Brown was master of his brief, showing his true qualities, command of his brief, and his determination to manage the current economic crisis.

If you do nothing else before polling day, watch this interview on BBCi.

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  1. And the best way to keep Brown as PM? Vote for Nancy Platts in Brighton Pavilion!

    Sorry. ;o)

    • Come come Dan you know voting red or yellow in pavilion means Vere! 😉 help the Tory fight back!

    • Dan – have you asked Caroline Lucas who she would support as PM yet, if she were elected as our local MP?

      I’d put money on it that wouldn’t be Cameron.

      So let’s send a genuinely radical voice to Parliament from Brighton, not just another whipped Labour MP.

      There’ll be quite a lot of those in the Commons aleady.

      • But I would also put money on it not being Brown either. My hunch would be that she would wish to remain as an independent voice in order to preserve the purity of the Green Party, unsullied by the reality of political bargaining. Of course, this would make her a complete irrelevance in Westminster – but I don’t think that worries the Greens. What they want is a breakthrough at all costs – they are not actually interested in influencing the next government.

    • Hmmmm. We had our Green Party signboard stolen from outside our house. Other Green Party boards have been stolen or vandalised with pro labour graffitti. Not that I would dream of pointing the finger but I will not be voting for ‘dirty’ labour in Brighton Pavilion or two faced Brown.

      • Are you seriously trying to suggest that the odd Labour poster has not been broken or defaced by someone who will be voting Green! ‘Dirty Labour in Brighton Pavilion’, get a grip, they wouldn’t know how! For a very tight contest this has been remarkably well natured – in my view far too well natured – politics should be much more passionate than we have seen here. Very little about policy – just endless trees being sacrificed to produce leaflets through my door telling me who is is in third place. I suppose its all about winning – no matter how.

      • I had a vote green board stolen from my front garden last night. My neighbour did too.

  2. Who are you writing this for?

    You have previously said that Brown won the third leadership debate – something noone unbiased could possibly say.

    Now you pretend that Brown did well in the Paxman interview.

    I am not fan of Brown (nor Paxman) – but your comments are either delusional or intended to be misleading to those who haven’t actually seen the exchanges.

  3. Have to agree with this blog. Brown was brilliant. If Cameron and Clegg had had to discuss the economy in that way they would have been left listening like schoolchildren. Despite all his failings, I think Brown is really one of the very few people in Britain who really could get out out of this mess.


  4. I have just finished watching the interview and i was very impressed. like someone said if cameron or clegg got pushed in these areas past present and future and scrutinized to every last detail they would be looking stupid right now….i know hes the current priminister but in comparison to the other interviews this was tough and Brown stayed strong and the main thing here…..answered the points sensibly coherently and thoroughly without saying things just to sound good or appeal to the public. the public don’t seem to like him but you would if you understood about politics and wernt so swayed by smarmy talkers with stolen gimmicky words like change…com’on. politics for kids.

    Brown isn’t faultless but i honestly cant see why others cant see hes more than qualified for the job and to lose a Labour government when we have the Millibands waiting to take action and come into their own…..it could all be such a shame n a waste.

    Brown would be ok if the media didn’t report like they are telling the viewer what to think…its getting ridiculous…

    all negative brown and worm lines after debates….yes, your basically encouraging people to hate brown but saying everone hates brown. i mean the worm line thing isnt that like 30 people…but they present it like its what the country thinks and in my opinion that effects the publics perception of it. i mean didnt gordon do well in the last debate….in terms of answering questions, yes, so why the ‘ol gordon definitely came 3rd’ for the hrs n days after….how are people judging these things….

  5. gordon brown made paxman look a complete idiot on tv debate.paxman was biased a bully and had trouble keeping his temper under control, on the other hand gordon answered all questions with intelligence and composure, as a last resort paxman got personel showing just how ignorant he is shameful.

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