Imagine what it would be like to wake up on 7th May with David Cameron as Prime Minister. Vote tactically to keep the Tories out.

The three polls published tonight have all three parties within 4 or 5 points of each other.  The Lib Dems ‘surge’ remains intact, Labour have settled a couple of ponts down, and the Tories about 5 points down. Converted into seats, Labour on 28 or 29 points, the Tories on 32 or 33 points, and the Lib Dems somewhere between, Labour would be the largest party in the new parliament.

The media seem obsessed about the hung or ‘balanced’ party.  Ed Balls tonight on Newsnight out-thugged Paxman, refusing to get drawn on a hung parliament.  Balls was right to say he wanted to talk about values and policies, the difference between Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories.

I refer back to the article by Johan Hari that I blogged about on April 11th.  This is an election about class.  To quote Hari: “(Cameron) will give a £1.2bn inheritance tax cut to the richest 2 per cent in Britain – with most going to the 3,000 wealthiest estates (including his wife’s). Then he promises to end the 50p top rate of tax, giving another £2.4bn to the richest 1 per cent. Then he has pledged to cut taxes on the pensions of the richest, handing another £3.2bn to the same 1 per cent. Then his marriage tax relief policies will give 13 times more to the rich than the poor”.

If you haven’t read the article, do so here.  Then think what it will be like to wake up on May 7th with David Cameron  as Prime Minister.  Think strategically and vote tactically.

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  1. No question, waking up to a new world of Cameron would be dreadful.

    But waking up to more of the old word of Brown would be no better.

    Spending has to be cut by £160billion a year – thats an NHS and a half – are people really going to vote for the party that lies most plausibly? Or will they find their cojones and vote for what they beleive ?

    • I work in the NHS and I and my colleagues have no doubt at all that NHS staff and patients are already paying for the bankers past mistakes and their current bonuses. This process has already started with many frontline nurses and doctors posts being frozen as people leave. Cameron,Brown and Clegg all continue to use the NHS as a political football. The endless upheavals caused by political meddling has caused many of the current problems we see in the NHS despite all of the extra funding.Yes there have been improvements and new hospitals but this money (much of it private) could have been used so much more effectively than it has been. Worst of all back door privatisation of the NHS continues because all three big parties continue to worship big business and profit rather than quality of care and service to the public,even when a privately provided service is inferior to a publicly funded service. I stopped voting Labour in 2005 when I realised that the party I had supported all my life no longer represented the best interests of those who most need help in our society.
      I was the first member of my family to go to University under old Labour,if circumstances were similar I could not afford a University education now under new Labour.
      Whatever the likely national outcome on May 6th I will be voting Green in Pavilion. Two reasons,voting Green will keep out the Tory,voting Labour or Lib Dem will let the Tory in. Caroline Lucas will be a fantastic independant advocate for the people of Brighton and our public services as well as for the environment. As a highly respected national as well as local figure her voice will be heard and very influential,believe me.

  2. Tactical voting depends on having an accurate picture of the state of the parties. In Kemptown and Hove/Portslade this is very straightforward – if you don’t want a Tory MP then vote Labour. If you want a Green MP content yourself with working in Pavilion and trying to elect Caroline.

    In Pavilion the picture is more unclear. Three parties can clearly still win – and despite the best efforts of all three, it is not clear who is trailing behind. Some Labour supporters will also be anxious to not have a Green MP given the effect this could have on the next Council elections.

    If people vote for what they believe in then we will probably have two Tory and one Green MP in the city, a Tory government, and an end to speculation about PR for the forseeable future. If people vote tactically we can have two/three Labour and/or, possibly one Green MP – a minotity government, a real chance of reform, and another election shortly down the road at which a new voting system might apply.

    I can’t see why any Green supporter would prefer the first option.

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