Missed Opportunity on Politics Show by parties not fielding Caroline Lucas, Charlotte Vere or Nancy Platts

Politics Show with Ian Davey (Green; Hove), Simon Burgess (Labour; Brighton Kemptown), Henry Smith (Conservative; Crawley) and Norman Baker (Lib Dem; Lewes).  Davey hesitant and not that impressive, particularly on drugs and alcohol.  Simon Burgess quite assured.  Henry Smith smooth.  Norman Baker very competent.  Only men on the panel.  Big mistake by all 4 parties.  Good question from MothersInc.  Amusing observation that none of the panel are working mothers.

The SussexSquare (Geoffrey Bowden) asked question about Pride.  Debate around tolerance. Simon says “Norman is right”, not quite “I agree with Norman”!  Ian Davey got good plug in for Caroline Lucas at end of debate, but Caroline should have been there herself. A missed opportunity for Caroline, Nancy Platts and Charlotte Vere.

6 Responses

  1. Oh – how nice to have opportunities to miss!

    No one asked me (yet again…).

    UKIP came second in the EU elections last year… and as the only party who will actually talk about many of the real issues the public are being entirely stitched up.

    Not all the public will agree with UKIP, but by leaving us out the other parties can just avoid certain subjects and leave the public in the dark – so giving them no information on which to make a choice.

    Paul Perrin
    UKIP – Hove and Portslade

    • UKIP had a slot last weekend with Nigel Farage on the same programme, broadcast from Oxford.

      So I think that’s the BBC approach to balance.

      The non-Westminster parties must count their blessings with these little slots & eat the crumbs that fall from the broadcasters’ table;-)

      • In the dim an distant past, fair minded individuals decided that all candidates should have an ‘electoral address’ leaflet delivered to every voter/household free of (delivery) charge.

        No account of past performance, depth of pocket or anything else… all candidate treated equally so voters had fair base to decide how to vote.

        Looks like it has been down hill for even handed democracy ever since.

        MPs are elected for a single parliament – at the end it should be all back to square one, all treated identically.

  2. Perhaps some of the leaders are out working the field? An incident to rival the canvassing of Charlotte Vere’s temporary home is a vignette from Hanover. A Green was canvassing there and had scarcely left the porch when Lord Bassam leapt in to startle the householder by denouncing the Greens and all their works. Talk about a turf war: it will be machine guns in violin cases next.

  3. I agree it would have been fun to see the Pavilion candidates on there again. But this was of the BBC’s making. I took the call from them asking for a Green party candidate. They did not want a Pavilion candidate and the candidate from each party had to be from a different constituency.

    I think this was to keep the debate general and not specific to one constituency – as it would have become if, for example Ben Duncan and Simon Burgess or Caroline Lucas and Nancy Platts had been together on the panel.

  4. Apparently, BBC South had very fussy candidate boundary requirements so no two candidates could be from the same constituency…

    Seems the Greens were told they couldn’t field Caroline Lucas either as she’s on TV too much and will be on the programme on another occasion…(!)

    So Ian Davey, who is fairly new to TV interviews, gallantly had to step up to the plate.

    Although the BBC has a difficult task in balancing parties, this wasn’t really a great way for BBC Politics Show South to manage candidates.

    It shouldn’t be for the BBC, a publicly funded broadcaster, to dictate who is on a TV party panel from a political party.

    Broadcasters should let the parties field whoever they want for interview so that each party’s platform is as clear as possible to voters.

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