History beckons the Greens in Brighton Pavilion. Don’t do anything risky, work hard, and you will make your historic breakthrough

As we enter the last full week of campaigning, and with just 10 days of campaigning left, here are some views about the campaign.  The last big event is the third and final Leader’s debate on Thursday.  The theme is the economy and this is Gordon Brown’s big opportunity.  Not only is this his strongest area, it is David Cameron’s weakest, and Nick Clegg is no Vince Cable.  Expect Gordon to come out of this debate stronger than the first two, and he recorded the best improvement between debates 1 and 2.  Nationally, anything can yet happen in this unpredictable election.  Tactical voting could yet decide certain results.  It is just a shame that Clegg is becoming so hostile to Brown.  His Tory origins are beginning to come through.

Locally, also on Thursday, is the debate at the church by the Fire Station.  Nancy Platts will hope that the fire fighters will be there to support her.  Her campaign regarding the fire station has been stronger than most local issues.  Charlotte Vere must be keenly looking forward to May 7th so that she can leave Brighton for the last time and seek a safe Tory seat in outer London.  She hasn’t done badly, but her campaign has never really gelled, and it is hard to see what she can do over the next 10 days to salvage things.  Her attacks on Caroline Lucas have proved counter-productive and she should have avoided name-checks to the front-runner.  If you attack, you must land a killer blow or else you look petty and partisan.

As for Caroline Lucas, she needs to continue to motivate her supporters.  The pressure will be on her and she needs to make sure she takes some time for herself, does not come across publicly or privately, as stressed.  She needs to continue to charm and show what a formidable alternative politician she is.  Her supporters need to redouble their efforts, but her campaign manager must ensure that she enjoys the next 10 days.  It is the Greens’ campaign to lose.  I can’t see Nancy or Charlotte landing that killer blow on her campaign.

History becons.  Don’t do anything risky, work hard, and the Greens will make their historic breakthrough.

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  1. Blimey.I don’t know if my fellow Greens are doing anything rash but Nancy Platts’ canvassers are telling increasingly ridiculous porkies on the doorstep about Caroline Lucas and the Greens in a desperate attempt to scare voters back to Labour. Meanwhile Vere is jumping up and down shouting adolescent abuse about the Greens from the wings. I think Labour and the Tories are starting to panic.

    • What has amused me during the campaign has been the Green’s reliance of the betting odds in order to boost their campaign – presumably given the lack of opinion poll support for such claims. Perhaps they might want to publish the odds for Kemptown and Hove, where they are 66/1 and 50/1 to win, with the Tories hot favorites (William Hill). Surely they have to do the decent thing and encourage their supporters to stop the Tories by voting Labour. Anything else is self indulgence, and could leave us with a Tory government.

      By the way, I’d be interested to hear what these ‘porkies’ are. It’s an easy comment to make – but how about some examples.

  2. I think the main thing to look out for now in Pavilion is what the last round of leaflets say. If things do get really dirty it will be then (as there is little possibility for the targets to respond). Hopefully not though!

  3. Brighton Mike is right. Word is coming in from various quarters about people with Green posters finding that their bells are being rung by Labour henchmen urging that these be replaced with Labour ones, and spinning more yarns than ever found on the Jubilee Library shelves…

    Meanwhile, what sort of campaign is Charlotte Vere running? She has not got a single poster on… Vere Road, but there are a dozen Green ones. And I notice that at the Ditchling Road end, the street sign has been amended with a marker pen to read “Severe Road”. When does that date from? Has that graffitist has been following her pronouncements.

    Down on Stanley Road one window has a Green and a Labour poster side by side. Is this a result of the Labour belling ringing? At any rate, it makes one picture interesting discussions over the breakfast table.

    • This sounds like an on-line version of the same approach. You complain about the alleged tactics of one party – no evidence provided – but do that as a means to discredit that party. I have seen a very fair campaign so far – which will inevitably become a bit more tasty towards the end – and so it should.

      It seems that the Green Party have relied on the fixed smile of Caroline Lucas (does she not have any other looks), and the assumption that they were ahead, to get them over the line before the reality of their policies catches up with them.

      Labour have been too focussed on the Green threat, and not positive enough about their own platform.

      The Tories just haven’t been present enough – relying on the national swing which evaporated in the first ‘presidential’ debate. Now they can’t respond sufficiently.

      One thing that should be said for the campaign is the relatively high quality of all the candidates. I have been impressed with the three main ones who I have had contact with, and also the Lib Dem, who I have only seen on TV. No doubt the losers will resurface in other seats in due course – perhaps not too far off if there’s a hung Parliament.

      • My comment was intended in a bantering, jocular spirit. Though there is news from Upper North Street and Dyke Road, among other places, about this Labour obsession with Green posters.

        That said, it is no bad thing that Brighton has this abundance of posters. In many places windows are tame stuff.

        The obvious way to make money is buy shares in blu tak.

  4. “Word is coming in from various quarters about people with Green posters finding that their bells are being rung by Labour henchmen…”

    Christopher, that sounds terrifying. Labour henchmen? Really? In Brighton Pavilion? What do they look like? I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them when I’m next out canvassing 😉

  5. Some posters have been taken down and changed for Labour ones. The Greens don’t seem to like us actually winning support but it is politics. That is the battle ground, the anti-Tory vote that has been won over by the romantic notion of the first Green MP without thinking of the consequences is the vote we are going to win.

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