This tribal Labour loyalist will not be voting Labour for the first time in a Westminster election

The Greens are at it again in Brighton Pavilion – taking advantage of fheir numerical advantage to blitz the constituency with leafletters and canvassers.  Yesterday there were Greens in most wards, and leaflets put through doors.  I had the second Green leaflet in a week through my door, I have been canvassed in the last week by the Greens. 

As for Labour, I am yet to be canvassed, and the leaflet I have recived was delivered by TNT. The Tories have posted just one leaflet, but I am yet to see any evidence that there are any Tory canvassers in Brighton Pavilion other that Charlotte Vere herself.

A lively debate has been held in the Comments section of this blog regarding the best way to get a non-Tory MP.  Labour supporters have done a sterling job advocating a tactical vote for Labour in Brighton Pavilion.  The case for a Green tactical vote is far more compelling – the ICM poll that had the Greens 10 points clear of Lbour, the strengh of the Green vote in the European elections in Brighton and Hove, and the number of Green councillors in Brighton Pavilion.

The strongest arguement put forward by Labour supporters that people on the doostep are saying that they vote Green in local and Euro elections, but always Labour in Westminster elections.

But Caroline Lucas has momentum in her campaign, attracts huge media coverage, and there is now the belief that the Greens can win in Brighton Pavilion.  This has convinced tribal Labour loyalists like me to vote Green this time – the first time I will have not voted Labour in a national election.

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  1. Still need to keep working, be tragic if the media which nationally largely excludes the Greens pushed down our support…..however it is encouraging to read that so many people are helping in Brighton….I have been down five times but I am a bit busy with my own campaign in Windsor at present.

  2. Browns Labour party is probably as far to the right of traditional labour as the greens are to the left of traditional labour.

    So I don’t really see how a genuine labour supporter could vote for either – but as both support government from brussles not westminster I guess there will not be any real difference in practice.

  3. I beg to differ BPB. I was out with the Labour team yesterday and I can assure you we were out in strength. I must admit I caught a glimpse of a lone Green at one point, though he didn’t appear to be doing much ‘blitzing’.

    And I did hear one interesting leaflet-related complaint on the doorstep – too much paper from the Greens.

    Isn’t that ironic?

    • Nope.

      • To substantiate my comment I’ve encountered people observing that the Green Party printing paper leaflets isn’t very ‘green’ and it only comes from people who never vote Green nor for any other parties as none of them are sufficiently against using paper..

        Of course I tell people who are actually concerned by this (as opposed to people who just want to practice their skills in pseudo-wit and being predictable) that the Greens use paper leaflets for the same reason as the other parties: It’s the most effective way to reach the most voters, in the right places, in the shortest amount of time.

        Making comments on supposed ironies over stuff like the Greens (or environmentalists generally) printing stuff on paper, or basically doing anything that other humans do ever, reflects a fundamental ignorance of their principles. That’s not going to be useful for any party in Brighton Pavilion unless they think the tedious pedant vote is up for grabs. Unfortunately I’m starting to sound like I’m part of that demographic and for that I apologize.

    • Because of the national leadership debates and greater coverage given to the three bigger parties, the Greens have to deliver more leaflets to maintain their prescence in pavilion.

      I doubt you can ever get the balance right for everyone. But I did get seven Labour Cards delivered by TNT paid for by the National Labour party, all in the same week, and a letter from Gordon Brown. I even got the breast cancer card which the media reported as being targeted at women.

    • I wonder where you were with the Labour team Richard. I’ve seen very little Labour activity in my area of Pavilion but lots of Greens. That might explain why Green window posters seem to outnumber Labour by at least 4 to 1. Not that I’m suggesting that’s an indicator of the final vote but on the basis of the’shock’ Goldsmid win for the Greens and the Green lead in B&H in the Euro vote I think the Greens are on a well deserved roll and are best placed to beat the Tory candidate locally.

  4. rather contradictory comment from Richard, lone Green gives out too many leaflets?

    • Not really Derek. Two separate observations. Make of them what you will.

      • I’ve noticed that Labour always goes canvassing in groups of five or more, whereas the Green team spreads out and each person does a street each. Not sure what the relative merits are of each strategy.

        Do the Labour team blitz by ringing all the doorbells in the street then standing back to see who answers? Or is it that lacking confidence they need more than one person to make the case to each voter?

  5. By the way Richard, I voted labour all my life until Iraq and the endless betrayals of common decency that New Labour indulges in. I am thrilled to have a real alternative and cannot wait to see Caroline Lucas in Westminster.

  6. This is quite nauseating. I doubt that people will be much swayed by that outdated poll – they’ll look at the latest one where the Greens were placed behind the Tories instead.

    As I put earlier, the Greens just have not done the work on the ground – they’ve depended too much on TNT deliveries – whereas the Labour candidate (the only local candidate in this election) has been working hard here for several years, knocking on doors and speaking to people.

    Irrespective of the Greens’ propaganda, Labour still retains sold support in a lot of wards. I’ve seen this – it’s also reflected in the national polls. Likewise, the Tories also have a respectable percentage of support in Brighton Pavilion. Factor in what is happening on the national stage with regard to the Liberals, it seems pretty clear that a fair amount of Green votes will be lost to the Liberal candidate.

    It is clear that Greens aren’t winning here.

    • No Alexander, we do not need to rely on TNT because we have so many volunteer deliverers. The’ latest’ poll you mention was described as incredibly suspect by other pollsters,not just GP supporters. Please try to tell the truth.

    • We’ve been through all this before but anyway:

      1. The Kindle (heard of them? Nope.) telephone poll in February of 336 voters (200 excluding refusals) has been widely discredited. Either the Argus couldn’t afford professional pollsters or they deliberately commissioned a controversial poll to sell papers. If you think Labour are 10 points in front of Tories in Brighton, dream on.

      2. As far as I know the Greens have not done any TNT deliveries. (a) we haven’t got that sort of money (b) with 80 volunteers out in Brighton each Saturday we don’t need to.

      3. You obviously aren’t paying attention to the latest national polls which put Labour in 3rd place behind the Lib Dems. It’s too early to tell for certain but given the lack of a Lib Dem presence in Brighton I don’t think the Nick Clegg surge will have much effect here. Lib Dems are more inclined to vote tactically than other supporters. A victory for Caroline Lucas is the result most likely to contribute to a hung parliament, which is precisely what they want.

  7. Alexander – I have received a green party publication every month for the past 12 months – none are from TNT. I have aslo been canvassed by them.

    From Labour I have had nothing except seven cards delivered by Labour head office via TNT all in the same week, and a leetr from Gordon Brown. I live in Preston Park, where the local party are supposed to be quite active, and you would think was important given Labour have two councillors here and the Green Party one.

    So much for ‘on the ground’ work!

    This is one of many reasons I have left the Labour Party. Its just not interested in its members anymore, and relys on spin merchants and media luvies.

    Its lost its roots and values. No one knows what they stand for. The fact they can’t even deliver their publicity via the post office but chose a private delivery firm says it all!

  8. “If nothing else, there should be one great moment in the 2010 election: were you up for Lucas’s win?”

    Caroline named Best UK Politician in the Independent on Sunday today:

  9. I think this regular/frequent communication thing is a bit of a red herring.

    It doesn’t matter how many leaflets I get from a party I disagree with… it just reminds me how much I disagree with them!

    If a party advertises itself as way ahead – there is a fair chance that many of its potential supporters will think they don’t actually need to bother voting…

    I think elections should be based on *information*. Equal information from all the parties, then make an informed choice based on your own beliefs/objectives.

    When the law on the electoral addresses was passed (one to each voter) it looks like this was understood – but by the time TV electoral broadcasts came along, the parties and their whips had usurped ‘public information’ with ‘party propganda’.

    The day will come.

  10. The very number of comments about this topic makes me think that all parties have probably learnt a great deal from the Paviion constituency campaign.

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