The UK’s Best Politician, according to the Independent’s Johann Hari, is Caroline Lucas

I have made no secret in this blog of my admiration for the Independent’s Johann Hari.  In my opinion, he is the best commentator on British politics and society.  I would encourage you to switch from the dull Guardian to the Independent for Hari alone.

In yesterday’s Independent his attention turned to Brighton Pavilion and to Caroline Lucas.  He has identified her as the UK’s best politician.  He wrote:

“Since 1997, Britain’s emissions of warming gases have actually risen – and if you factor in the emissions from goods now manufactured for us in China, they have risen dramatically. Very few politicians have been honest about the crisis we face, or demanded the swift transition to an economy powered by the power of the sun, the wind and the waves. Working on the inside, the Environment Secretary Ed Miliband has a strong claim to this award, often trying to drag other government departments towards radical low- carbon approaches. But he is, in the end, too tainted by ineffective compromises, and by his sometime promotion of false solutions like the myth of “clean coal”, to clinch it. ”

” The politician who has most inspiringly proposed solutions to the climate crisis is in another party and another parliament altogether. Caroline Lucas joined the Green Party 20 years ago when it had a shabby office and almost no full-time staff. She has played a key role in leading it now to the brink of a historic breakthrough – her probable election in Brighton Pavilion next month as the first Green to the British Parliament. “

2 Responses

  1. I agree with what the BPB has previously said, that the Independent is in fact better placed than the Guardian. The Independent makes better use of its resources, and there is a much happier atmosphere around the Independent.

  2. Thought this may be of interest for you guys???



    The Independent Live! event will take place at the Brighton Pavilion at 6.30pm on Tuesday 20th April.

    Spaces are still available and the public are invited to put forward questions to the panels in the live pre-election debates.

    Chaired by The Independent’s Chief Political Commentator, Steve Richards, the panel will consists of:

    Steve Richards – Chief political commentator
    Johann Hari – Independent columnist
    Caroline Lucas MEP – Green Party Leader and PPC for Brighton Pavilion
    Charlotte Vere – Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion
    Bernadette Millam – Liberal Democrat candidate for Brighton Pavillion

    Tickets are free and include complimentary drinks and canapes. Spaces are limited. To reserve a place email, quoting reference LIVE27 Brighton in the subject line.

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