UKIP asking for coverage: I would rather stick needles in my eyes than vote UKIP

I have been asked to give some coverage to UKIP.  Their candidate for Hove has approached my and says that UKIP are on the ballot paper in over 500 constituencies, including the three Brighton & Hove constituencies.

He asked “How about some UKIP coverage?” and says that Betfair has UKIP ahead of the LibDems in Pavilion.

Well, that truly impacts on the electoral landscape.  I imagine that Green candidate Caroline Lucas is, as we are speaking, preparing her speech conceding the election to the might of UKIP.

Sarcasm apart, UKIP is made up of a bunch of self-centred, divisive and plain nasty individuals.  Anyone who heard the recent speech by Nigel Farrage will know what small-minded, petty individuals make up their representation in the European Parliament.

I am sure that there are some decent, principled individuals in UKIP, but I am yet to come across them.

So, UKIP ask that this blog gives them some coverage.  With pleasure: Don’t vote for this unpleasant bunch of Xenophobes.  I would rather stick pins in my eyes, extract my finger nails with pliers and no anesthetic, and vote Conservative than vote for this horrible bunch.

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  1. Brilliantly put BPB.

    But as a Green I’m quite happy that UKIP are standing in Brighton Pavilion. It might take some crucial votes of CharlotteV!

  2. “Sarcasm apart, UKIP is made up of a bunch of self-centred, divisive and plain nasty individuals”

    So much for an open minds…

    I would have thought a Basic Cash Benefit for all UK citizens removing the benefits trap; simplified tax system; increased non-means tested pensions would appeal to the left.

    But I guess if someone is signed up to the ‘Labour’ Brand regardless of what brand owners actually deliver, then policies don’t matter.

  3. I commented elsewhere on this Blog that Ukip could be worrying the Tories. There are certainly quite a number of them out there. They seem more ready to admit to it than Tory voters do.

  4. UKIP will not only take votes away from the Tories but also from non-progressive sections of the working class who normally go for Labour.

    It is no wonder that UKIP are concentrating their efforts in Hollingdean and Stamner. That ward will become a Con-Lab-UKIP tussle.

  5. I don’t know what you specifically mean by ‘progressive’ – but by any normal definition UKIP wipe the floor with what the Labour party currently represent…

    UKIP say no tax on minimum wage – non means-tested pension – removal of ‘benefits trap’ – etc… etc…

    If you vote labour then Brown will take it as a free pass to carry on exactly as he has done for the past decade…

    If labour really gave a monkeys for the working man then you would have noticed an improvement by now…

    I work, all I have seen is things get worse.

  6. Ukip is as far right as Lib dems are left. They are not the racist, bigoted party the media makes them out to be. The conservatives claim to be centre-right, but they are fightingthe election on things like the economy. They don’t have any real plans to solve things like crime. Ukip has a “three strikes and you’re out” poilcy on crime, which is just what we need. They also have great policies on taxation and pensions. They are libertarians, and have nothing against people or colour, or gays, or any other minority.

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