Amy Kennedy, Charlotte Vere, Caroline Lucas and Nancy Platts – what have you been doing?

I was thrilled to discover three things on my return to Brighton this evening, while reflecting on why on continental Europe (or The Netherlands to be precise) is able to deliver cleaner streets, do road repairs in the evening, and (no surprise here) get so many people onto bicycles.

But the three delights.  First there was Green councillor Amy Kennedy appearing on Just a Minute with Paul Merton, Gyles Brandreth and Jenny Eclair.  Actually it wasn’t Amy but the equally admirable Pam Ayres.  I do confuse the two of them.

Then I read a press release from the Conservative candidate in Brighton Pavilion, Charlotte Vere, attacking Green candidate Caroline Lucas.  But the attack was by proxy, it was an attack on Green councillor Keith Taylor who was “representing Green Party leader Caroline Lucas”.

What amused me and anyone else who knows about the internal politics of the Green Party will know that Keith Taylor representing Caroline Lucas is a contradiction in terms.  Keith can’t stand Caroline: she defeated him to become the first Leader of the Green Party, then trounced him to become the candidate in Brighton Pavilion.  Keith has been absent from the campaign trail, not a bad thing in itself as he is hardly an electoral asset.

But what of Labour? The artist who drew the rather flattering image I use on my Twitter account (whose identity is yet to be revealed) sent me a link to a Sunday Times article which I had missed as I was away, and anyway I don’t read the gutter pres.  The article is about reds under the bed.  My contact said “It lacks any real political analysis – disappointing journalism, but names Nancy Platts as one of the ‘new awkward squad’ who will create a ‘lurch to the left’.”   Much more praise like that and Nancy will be back in poll position in Brighton Pavilion.

Nancy was unavailable for comment, she had a revolution to organise.  A great bit of publicity for her, but a pathetic piece of gutter journalism.  Have a read:

It’s great to be home.  I’ll be looking at who is contributing what to the various election campaigns next.

4 Responses

  1. Hi BPB, good to see you are back in sunny ol’ England.

    A couple of points though; Keith never challenged Caroline for the leadership. Caroline’s fellow contender was Ashley Grunstock. Secondly, Keith has been active in St. Peter’s on Saturday mornings. Members in St. Peter’s have been canvassing in the ward every Saturday morning for a while and will continue to do so.

    Part from that I think it’s business as normal. Just a couple of Vere gaffes, not too many.

  2. Hello Baps,

    Good to have you back. Isn’t Cllr Keith Taylor the person that would, in an unelected fashion, replace Caroline Lucas in the European Parliament should she ever become an MP?

    I think the electorate need to be told ….

    Best wishes,

    Charlotte Vere

  3. Also, I was down in Pavilion two weekends ago, and we did some leafletting in Hollingbury: Keith Taylor was out all day getting teams to the right place, including us, and was entirely in good humour. He’s obviously not fronting the campaign, but he’s clearly out and about and working for a win.

  4. Oh, and Ms Vere, are you suggesting that Caroline should continue to be an MEP when she wins, or that there should be a byelection in some weird way?

    Your MEPs are a proper embarrassment, even ignoring their truly hard-right friends.

    Giles Chichester MEP “admitted channelling thousands of pounds of EU money into a family company”:

    Den Dover MEP – gave his wife and daughter £750,000 of taxpayers’ money:

    Caroline Jackson MEP, gave her husband £22,500 to write a leaflet:

    Roger Helmer MEP – proper UKIPper, climate change denier:

    Dan Hannan MEP – would-be tea-partier, NHS-hater, general wingnut. No link required.

    Need I go on?

    None of this lot actually resigned from Parliament (although the first three at least had much better reasons to go than a dual mandate).

    if they had done the decent thing we’d have got another Tory MEP in each of their places, drawn from the list, and no-one would have been desperately claiming it was undemocratic. Although clearly STV would be a better system to use than the list approach. I take it I can count on your support for that.

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