60 days to the election, and the Brighton Politics Blogger will be maintaining radio silence for the next week

Just when it should be getting exciting, with just 60 days to polling day, I will be taking leave of absence from this blog as I will be out of the country for the next few days.

Just two thoughts to leave with you:

Today’s Independent on Sunday has a great review of 100 years of the women’s movement, with many of my particular favourites being quoted.  If it is not too late, pop out and get a copy.  Alternatively, you can read it here ‘100 women who changed the World‘. Of Caroline Lucas, they said: “As leader of the Green Party, who could become Britain’s first Green MP in this year’s general election, Lucas has given the party a mainstream image in the “Others” backwater of British politics. Formerly active in CND and Oxfam, she is also the vice-president of the RSPCA and the Stop the War Coalition.”

The second is the welcome launch of Green Amy Kennedy on Twitter. Please follow her @GreenAmyK.  She is proud to describe herself a “feminist, and a lover of music, food & architecture”.  And food is the subject of her latest tweet: “Roast dinner rocks. Top parsnip tip: freeze before roasting. Nom nom nom.” Thanks Delia Kennedy.

5 Responses

  1. Hi BPB, have you heard of the new splinter Green dissidents group in Ireland? Disappointed with the actual Green Party’s record in the coalition government, a bunch of disgruntled Greens have formed “Continuity Green Party” – a clear reference to the IRA, along with using the iconography of balaclavas:


    They are either terrorist-supporting nuts or making a really bad taste joke. But look at the list of supporters on the facebook group – they include none other than Brighton Green Councillor Amy Kennedy, whose profile picture features Caroline Lucas!

    Serious questions must now be asked of Amy Kennedy’s endorsement of the IRA-linked Continuity Green Party. How does this help Caroline Lucas portray the Greens as a modern, non-nutty force for good, when her councillors are cavorting around with Irish terrorist-supporters?

    Also of note is Derek Wall, a frequent critic of Lucas in the past and a former party speaker, but who is also a supporter of the IRA-linked new splinter group:


    • Don’t be silly Bianco – there is no IRA link. As the facebook page states “this is just a Tongue in cheek, Dark humour name, the real name of the new Party is being debated, Any ideas are welcome!”

  2. The Observer had a piece based around the Labour campaign in Hove and Portslade, where the Tories are looking awkward about the Ashcroft money.

  3. In other news, I hear that the Green Party have been forming close ties with the Socialist Party (known in the 80s as Militant tendency). This is a group that recently stormed the University of Sussex’s offices and took its vice-Chancellor hostage; releasing him only when the police were forced to intervene.

    This seems to fit with what I heard about Caroline Lucas a while ago, that when at a certain “climate camp” she was extolling the virtues of guerrilla warfare in the struggle for a “permanent revolution”.

    So, this leads me to wonder, will the “Red-Flag-of-Tax-Payers’-Bled-Dry” become a permanent fixture of life in Brighton Pavilion?

    Concerned Resident

  4. I think LifeinEUSSR is having a laugh.

    Socialist Party and Greens “forming close ties”, jog on, mate.

    If that was the case, how come the TUSC coalition, of which the Socialist Party in Brighton is the composite body, are standing a candidate against the Green’s councilor for Queens Park, Ben Duncan, in the Kemptown constituency?

    When did you hear Caroline Lucas mention “guerilla warfare” or “permanant revolution”, I would like to see your evidence on this. Let me guess, you haven’t got any?

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