62 days to go, and secretly Nancy and Caroline agree the result!

For a few days I thought the election in Brighton Pavilion had been called off.  After a weekend of activity, Monday through to Thursday was the ‘secret campaign’ with no sign of any candidate. 

Then today, Friday, I read in the Argus that there has been activity, although in secret – David Miliband was in Brighton, but Labour just didn’t tell anyone about it! Apparently he was ‘campaigning’ with Nancy Platts and Simon Burgess.

Why keep it a secret that a Labour Cabinet Minister was in town? I for one would have loved to hear what he has to say. The same last weekend with the Tories, shut away in the Metropole Hotel, reassuring each other that David Cameron’s election hopes aren’t really on the slide.

Don’t they realise that to campaign you have to actually meet the people?

But there is one thing that Nancy Platts and Caroline Lucas agree on – that Charlotte Vere will come second in the election.  Both Nancy and Caroline have put out leaflets with bar charts showing th Conservatives in second place.

Nancy recalls the 2005 election result with Labour on 35.4%, Conservatives on 23.9% and the Greens on 21.9%.  Of course Nancy is absolutely correct – that was the result last time.

Caroline has, surprise, surprise, the Greens on 35%, the Tories on 27%, and Labour on 25%. She, too, is correct.  That was the result of an ICM poll in December.

So, at least we can all be united in welcoming the result that Charlotte Vere will come second.  But who will win? With only 62 days to polling day, the campaigns have got to step up a few gears.  And Government Ministers must be prepared to meet ordinary people, and possibly face the flack that some will no doubt get!

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  1. I agree entirely with that sentiment. Why keep Govt. Ministers away from the public? Of course it makes sense, the last thing Nancy wants to provoke is the ‘anti-politics’ feeling that Brighton voters, as are all voters, have at the moment, even if this isn’t clear in any of the polling.

    We know Nancy and David are fighting two different battles, and perhaps David’s visit had more to do with his own post-General Election battle rather than the one currently being fought out.

  2. Maybe Nancy doesn’t actually want to be associated with her own party?

    She doesn’t seem to agree with many of their policies, especially their foreign policy, and David Miliband being foreign minister she wouldn’t want the public to make the connection that voting her is actually voting for Labour.

  3. The results of the Euros which were Brighton & Hove-wide rather than just Brighton Pav, are not a viable basis on which to claim any particular level of Green support in Brighton Pav.

    Even local council elections are not comparable, given that people in the past have voted Green locally but not nationally in substantive numbers. Greens shoot their load when they talk about getting 22% at the last general, but really, 22% isn’t even a quarter. And that was their best result nationally. They couldn’t get even one quarter of those voting in one constituency across the whole country.

    The only comparable election result is the last general election result. And the Greens have done nothing to get Tory voters in the north of Brighton Pav to sign up to them. Pathetic.

  4. I’m sorry you feel that way Bianco but actually we’ve been active for years across the entire constituency, talking to voters of all previous political inclinations. That includes Tory voters in northern parts of Pavilion.

    Compared to when I first started canvassing for the Greens in 2003, in the last 18 months I am experiencing growing numbers of former Tory supporters saying they’ll vote Green. Furthermore the 2009 Goldsmid by-election saw us take a seat from Tories. We can win voters over from all previous political perspectives. I also think we’re being effective in getting people motivated to vote Green when they’d previously been unlikely to vote at all.

    Election night will show if we’ve done enough. But we’ve certainly been working all of the constituency hard.

    All the best,

  5. No sign of any candidate last week? Campaigning in secret?

    Not true. A quick look at Nancy’s Facebook and Twitter streams from last week shows a visit to Sussex University to talk to students there. Door knocking in Preston Park with Dave Lepper, mass delivering in several wards including around Hollingbury, a visit to Westdene school…to name but a few. So plenty going on with Team Nancy. Have no fear!

    Re the Foreign Secretary popping down to Brighton: that was hardly in secret either. Speaking from a Pavilion perspective (he was also in Crawley and Kemptown so he had a fun-packed Sussex day!): he was up at Sussex again, visited Electromotive, attended a meeting hosted by Nancy with community groups, church folk, the Older Peoples’ Council and busines people and all sort of others. And there was a fundraiser in the evening. So he met plenty of folks…

    If you want to get involved BPB, we really need an address to send the invites to. 😉

  6. The biggest trade union demonstration for decades in Brighton on Saturday and only two B&H candidates were visible – Caroline Lucas and Dave Hill.

    That no Labour candidate attended and that there was no visible Labour presence at all on a TRADE UNION march really spoke volumes. Michael Foot can be faulted for many things but in his day Labour thought unemployment and poverty were important enough to organise marches over. Now they are missing in action when all they needed to do was show up on a demo organised FOR them.

  7. Andy,

    I know that Nancy couldn’t make it due to prior commitments but did send a message of solidarity, which I trust was read out.

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