Where have all the Green Bloggers gone?

The Brighton Politics Blogger is sad. Where on earth have Brighton’s Green bloggers gone?  Caroline Lucas has a lively website, but rarely blogs about Brighton.

Ben Duncan appears to have disappeared from the face of the earth, and his promised new site has not materialised. 

Bill Randall, one of the most interesting individuals I have met, rarely shares anything with us. In fact, since launching his blog last year, he has posted just 3 items.

Amy Kennedy, once a regular and much adored blogger, didn’t blog between 27th November and 10th February, and the again nothing. Come back, Amy, even if you blog just about baking!  Your Pam Ayres impressions are missed.

Being serious, though, there is a rumour doing the rounds that, apart from Jason Kitcat (a law unto himself), Green councillors and activists are being required to maintain radio (or is it wireless?) silence in the run-up to the general election.  Is that the case?  Silence will confirm this.

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  1. Hi BPB,

    Green Bloggers are still arounnd, not too sure about the Councillors.

    The problem with maintaining a blog, especially as a local councilor, is that you have to see it as being worth your time and effort.

    If you’re spending a long time on your blog, trying to circulate it and get your constituents interested, then that’s really time in which you could best be doing something else.

    Maintaining a blog is not easy, especially when we all have a lot of other commitments. I remember not seeing a post from yourself for almost a week and a bit, and some of us thought you had jacked it in.

    I don’t think it’s a case of anyone wanting to maintain silence, I certainly haven’t heard anything my end and I would say I’m pretty aggressive (for a Green, atleast).

    I think it’s an issue of time but also of faith in how effective maintaing a blog can be.

    Whilst I hope the Brighton blogosphere can continue to thrive and grow (and I’m sure it will thanks to contributions from yourself, Dan Wilson, Jason Kitcat and others), we’ve all had thoughts of hanging up our key board…so to speak.

  2. I think BPB is right. I suspect the Green Party bloggers have been reigned in, and if so it’s a tactical error, since a big part of the Green Party’s appeal is their down-to-earth grass roots presence and local activism!

    I think Brighton voters would prefer a bit of grit rather than slick marketing.

  3. Hi BPB

    As the local elections co-ordinator and so a member of the local Green Party executive I can put your mind at ease: There is no edict to maintain any kind of online silence! People can say what they want – of course they can.

    Green activists, councillors especially, are very busy with campaigning and supporting residents but I think we’ll probably be seeing more blogging from them in the near future.

    All the best,

  4. I think the Green Party needs its bloggers, it wouldn’t be in their interest to keep their people silent.

    The other parties get much more media coverage at least on a national level so the Greens need to encourage people to raise their profile in any way they can.

    It wouldn’t be in the Green Parties interest to get their bloggers to “maintain silence in the run up to the general election”

  5. BPW, we notice you’ve taken to talking about yourself in the third person, a blogging trait popularised by the much-read Guido Fawkes. Is this because you’re attempting to emulate the style of this nationally-renowned blogger – or because you’re going potty?

  6. Didn’t Caesar, in the Gallic Wars, start this third-person lark? and look what happened to him.

  7. Good discussion.

    I think what’s curious about the political blogging thing is how little of it goes on here in Brighton. I would expect to see more bloggers on important local issues than we have.

    And don’t forget that one of our blogging brethren has been silenced too.

    Hoping we can see more vibrancy in the months to come and beyond.

    Maybe the SCIP Community Reporters project will change that? http://www.scip.org.uk/Community_Reporters

  8. The Tories are gathering in Brighton this weekend.

    Are the Greens doing ANYTHING to try and steal the media spotlight?

    Nope. Thought not.

    They can yabber away about being the best place for ex-Labour voters to go. That is, ex-Labour voters who don’t want their votes to determine who will be in government, in what is the tightest race for generations.

    But they cannot ignore the simple truth that if they do not win Tory voters, they won’t win Brighton. Tory/Labour squeeze + Tory national swing = tough sell for Greens. Isn’t it about time Lucas stopped wasting time and actually did something to set the agenda?

  9. Blanco don’t sound so disappointed…..

    Marcus Brigstocke has arranged a benefit gig for Greens at the Theatre Royal which has sold out, 1600 tickets with Russel Howard, Alastair McGowan and Mark Steele!

    I also hear the Greens have delivered over half the entire constituency just this morning, and please see the new report at http://bit.ly/96UuTA showing the gap between Tory rhetoric and reality.

    All in all a good mix of fun, activism and policy!

  10. Martin is right, we’ve been hard at it today. No sign of the Shadow Cabinet today, I think Labour were still trying to put out last month’s newsletter, so the Greens did well to cover half the constituency.

    I would be interested to see if any of Cameron and co manage to make it into Withdean or Patcham. They’re probably going to stay in Hove and Kemptown, those two are much higher Tory targets than Pavilion.

  11. What is Blanco on about? I doubt that most voters are interested in the “media spotlight” of the Tory gathering. There is so litle to grasp in whatever the Tories seem to be proposing.

    While the Tories are sat in the Grand with a gin and tonic, and flirting with one another’s wives, or whatever it is that Tories do to leaven their lot, there has been a high-speed, widespread coverage of Pavilion with a Green lealfet which has received an appreciative welcome.

  12. I recieved a hand delivered leaflet from the Green Party today – must be the 5th since xmas. This contrasts with nothing from the conservatives – although (according to their stereotype) I am in the ‘liberal and bohemian’ bit of the ward so I am sure its no more than I deserve…if only I lived in the ‘hard working family’ part perhaps they might send me something!

    Nothing from the Lib Dems either mind – they seem to be pretending that they don’t have a candidate for Pavilion.

    Labour have sent a couple of things in the post – but no hand delivery – more cash than activists perhaps.

  13. […] to date of late. Mainly because I've had zero energy and a severe shortage of time. But following a rather poignant plea from the Brighton Politics Blogger (shucks BPB, I never knew you cared), I'm going to try and correspond more regularly over coming […]

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