Why the Brighton Politics Blogger doesn’t give interviews

In recent weeks the Brighton Politics Blogger has been asked to give a number of interviews regarding the political situation in Brighton Pavilion. Two requests were for filmed interviews – the Guardian film and this weekend, and most recently by the rather lovely Danielle Glavin for the BBC Politics Show.

Unfortunately, BPB is very shy and retiring, lacking the confidence to speak my mind. How I wish it wasn’t so. I sit here day after day, alone, sad, unloved. Can anyone suggest how I might overcome this terrible affliction. Is it time for me to come out …?

4 Responses

  1. No.

    Stay anonymous, atleast until after the election.

    Keep them guessing, the more they do, the more interested they become.

    Rather simple.

    Whilst myself, and I’m sure others have as well, wondered upon whom you might be, it’s all part of the fun.

    Stay anonymous, even for just a few more weeks.

  2. Stay anonymous.

  3. Yes, much more distinctive not to be another visible pundit. The invisible Zelig of the twin towns.

    I was on The Politics Show, and then kept getting stopped in the street by people. Unnerving.

  4. BPB: Agree to an interview, but wearing a mask, and with a kazoo in your mouth 😉

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