Marina Pepper: Latest on Brighton Pavilion

Marina Pepper has responded on Twitter to rumours that she might become the Lib Dem candidate for Brighton Pavilion.  She said: “Rumours flying around that I’m about to stand for Parliament in Pavilion. Lots of old buffers blogging their opinions on my chances. LOL”.

This old buffer did say she didn’t have a chance of success. But she didn’t say she wouldn’t stand – as a Lib Dem or for someone else.

In fact the Lib Dems have a candidate but they seem to have kept it a secret.  The candidate is Bernadette Millam.  She is listed on the excellent UK Polling Report site, but little, if anything, is known about her.

It is clear that the Lib Dems are not taking the seat seriously.  Why don’t they just nt stand so that Lib Dems can simply vote for Caroline Lucas.

One Response

  1. You are right, Lib Dems should stand down and back Caroline. However the Greens should do the same in Lib Dem held seats. Greens and Liberals should have a nonaggression pact until we have a fair election system. As super eco- warrior Marina Pepper herself put it Green Party people are “running round like anarchists standing for election wherever they fancy, splitting the vote and delivering the Conservatives to office.” The Green PPC guy in Gt Yarmouth has just resigned to help the Tory bloke!

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