Ask Simon Kirby, Charlotte Vere and Mike Weatherley how the Tories will cut £90 billion in public expenditure

George Osborne’s speech this morning made me cringe – lacking in substance and specifics.  His responses to questions was even worse – jokes about BBC salaries, saying that £1.5 billion “is a lot of money” (The £1.5 billion being the only item that the Tories have confirmed they will cut (from gthe government consultancy and advertising budget).

He said £1.5 billion is indicative of what can be done to cut government expenditure.  He continuously blames Labour for the scale of the savings needed. He says  he will go further that Labour who are committed to reducing the £178 billion deficit by £82 billion, but he won’t say how. 

When asked whether he would go further than £1.5 billion in year 1, he floundered.  He is trying to reassure the banks and credit rating agencies that he has a credible plan in order to protect the UK’s credit rating by saying the Tories will reduce the deficit by 50% in the lifetime of a Conservative Government.

Lots of words but no substance. What is clear is that the Tories will cut by at least £90 billion over a 5 year Tory government.  If it is just 1.5 billion in year 1, there will be cuts of £22 billion year on year. The problem for Cameron and Osborne is that they cannot reveal the savage level of cuts that they are planning.  If they do, they would lose the general election. 

The only conclusion that we can reach is that we should be afraid, very afraid, of a Tory government.

When you meet Tory candidates like Simon Kirby (formerly Radford-Kirby), Charlotte Vere and Mike Weatherley ask them to be open about how their government would cut £90 billion in public expenditure.

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