Opposing the Tories in Brighton Pavilion but respecting the candidate

Yesterday I posted an item about Charlotte Vere’s campaign which was incorrect.  Within the hour my error was drawn to my attention by a friend.  I immediately took down the post and checked the facts with Ms Vere’s team.  I posted an apology shortly afterwards. 

A small handful read the initial post early on a Sunday morning. Many hundreds more will have seen my apology, including some who have taken pleasure in my discomfort and embarrassment.

It has made me think about blogging and the ease with which something can be said and how quickly information, factual or incorrect, can be spread.  Through this blog I try to raise issues relating to local politics, and I do confess I have given considerable attention to the campaign in Brighton Pavilion.  It is one of the most interesting campaigns in the country, a genuine 3 way marginal, and with three women candidates, Nancy Platts, Caroline Lucas and Charlotte Vere, each of whom is impressive in her own right.

I have also been quite open that my political leanings are to the left.  You could call me Old Labour, and I wouldn’t take offence.  I advocate tactical voting in key marginals to keep the Tories out.

However, I try not to be personally vindictive against any candidate. I always respected Andrew Bowden, for 27 years the Conservative MP for Brighton Kemptown.  He  was an exemplary constituency MP, but I was delighted when Des Turner was successful in 1997. I admire and respect Norman Baker, MP for Lewes, and advocate Labour and Greens voting tactically for him.

I have been critical of those Tories with double barreled surnames who have dropped half of their name in order not to appear as Tory toffs.

In Brighton Pavilion I have not hid my hope that the Conservatives will not win.  It is not anything personal against Charlotte Vere who is running an energetic campaign and who would, I believe, be an excellent constituency MP, as would Nancy, as would (will) Caroline.

I still wish that Ms Vere would remove the link to her blog likening the policies of the Greens to those of blackshirts.

In comments left on this blog, I have been accused of taking ‘cheap shots’ against the candidates (mainly from supporters of Caroline Lucas). I won’t apologise for my anti-Tory bias, but I hope I have not been personally vindictive.  Yesterday’s ill-conceived post, as it happens, was not aimed at Charlotte Vere because she is a Tory, but because I thought I had spotted something that was not right.  I would have posted something similar had it been Nancy or Caroline.  And I would have been equally wrong.

With three months to go to the general election, I wish all three candidates well, and I continue to wish for a non-Tory win!

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  1. Have you heard anything about Marina Pepper standing as the Lib Dem in BP. Certainly make it a colourful campaign.

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