When candidates are desparate, their campaign goes dirty ….. just look at the Vere campaign

Most political campaigns start off with the noble  intention of keeping their campaign clean and honourable, but there can come a point when a candidate begins attacking their opponent because their campaign is going nowhere.

What is unusual about the Vere campign is that it is hardly eight weeks since she was selected, and her campaign has turned dirty.  The Conservatives must be desparate, faced with the increasing prospect of the election in Brighton Pavilion of Caroline Lucas as the first ever Green MP.

On her website, Charlotte Vere has chosen to promote a blog that says that if you vote Green you will get blackshirts.  This blog has repeatedly called on her to take don the link, but she has chosen the disreputable option and left the link in place.  She has also tried to create an impresion that Caroline Lucas is hiding something to hide in her expenses.

I had high hopes for the election campaign in Brighton Pavilion, with the prospect of three high calibre women candidates running campaigns that could be a template for a new form of politics. Nancy Platts and Caroline have impressed by keeping it clean, and conducting themselves in a dignified manner.

Charlotte Vere could learn a lot from her impressive opponents.

2 Responses

  1. My comment on her last blog post ‘Nancy Platt in Tory (Scare) Stories’ has not yet been published, despite it being submitted well over 24 hours a go.

    Perhaps she needs a reminder that dissenting comments are part and parcel of blogging.

  2. I really don’t think the ‘blackshirt link’ is an issue, the article was on ConHome in 2008. The link is also on (Green Party blogger) Jim Jepps’ blog, in the comments.
    All this indignation and outrage is rather unconvincing. Meanwhile I notice from a comment on CV’s blog a Green Party member is saying Lib Dems are like the BNP http://weekisalongtime.blogspot.com/
    Trying to give the impresion that Caroline Lucas is hiding something to hide in her expenses, is very low, I agree.

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