Charlotte Vere’s continuing promotion of the “Vote Green – Go Blackshirt” website is the politics of the gutter

In a letter in today’s Argus, Charlotte Vere has again repeated the ‘nudging someone on a train’ / ‘snowstorm in a teacup’ lines about her re-Tweeting a link to a website that says “Vote Green – Go Blackshirt”.  She says “If I have caused offence, I apologise – it was certainly not intended”.

But what is still intended is that people are still directed, through her Blog, to that vile website. This blog called on Ms Vere 24 hours ago to take down the link.  Yet it remains in place.

While the link remains, Ms Vere’s ‘apology’ remains empty, and she continues to attract criticism for what I regard is politics of the gutter.  (See also my blog yesterday How effective are Nancy, Caroline and Chuck in using new technology in Brighton Pavilion?).

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