A disgraceful error by a naive Charlotte Vere: she must apologise

In a Twitter post on January 3rd, the Conservative candidate in Brighton Pavilion, Charlotte Vere, re-tweeted a post by Thomas Byrne, that provided a link to a website that compared the policies of the Greens to those of the BNP.

I am sure that Ms Vere did not intend to make such an inappropriate and insulting link.  She cannot possibly think that it could ever be appropriate to link the Greens with the BNP.  I believe it was a disgraceful error and she should, without delay, make it clear that it was an error and put on record her belief that this slur on the Greens is wholly wrong. 

To forward a Tweet from another has its risks, as I am sure Ms Vere will now realise.  She may say, as she does in today’s Argus, that  these are not her own views, but she has chosen to promote them through Twitter.  This is a sign of her naivety. I hope she will apologise without reservation before the day is out.

6 Responses

  1. This is especially out of line given the extent to which the Greens have campaigned for humanitarian treatment of asylum seekers and so on. The party could not have a more progressive policy on international affairs, and an apology is definitely required.

  2. James, I fully concur with what you’ve said.

    The Green Party is a party with committed anti-racists and anti-fascists. The party has the most progressive and non-xenophobic immigration policy; to paint the Greens in the same vein as the BNP is not just bad politics, it’s negative politics, and Charlotte Vere should do the sensible and mature thing and apologise.

  3. Dear Baps,

    Goodness what a snowstorm in a teacup this has turned out to be! I have apologised of course, if offence was taken: http://www.charlottevere.com/blog/29

    Best wishes,

    Charlotte Vere

  4. Charlotte Vere is flinging mud because she knows some of it will stick, no matter how mad or unfair.
    Past experience has shown that Brighton and Hove people do not like dirty political campaigners as Charlotte will find out to her cost in the General Election.

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